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Thread: Looking for a clan (For CG and CWL)

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    Looking for a clan (For CG and CWL)

    I have half max TH9 base. Looking for a clan who will consider me in cwl. My tag- #9V9VLCJL9. INVITE ME!

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    You might get a look in on our 3rd or possibly 4th clan, check out the family -

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    Want a friendly clan?
    Want a clan to show your skills in war?
    Want donations?
    Want to learn strategies?

    Then no need to worry. Just type the tag [#2PC8R889Q] and join our clan.
    We are a lvl 5 clan
    There is no need to three star in war, just try your best.

    We are growing very fastly and wants you to contribute in our journey.
    if you are unable to join pvt msg me your player tag

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