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Thread: Wolfsbane is recruiting TH9+

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    💥Wolfsbane 💥 recruiting TH9+ for wars and CWL.

    Wolfsbane @#290Q2GUUG is a newer adult clan looking to expand our rosters with TH9+ players to dominate in wars.
    •Level 6 clan currently dominating gold league and quickly moving up.
    •Always gain max rewards in clan games.
    •Leaders, TH10-12, donate quickly and work well together to help the clan by planning attack strategies.
    •Participation and performance in wars and clan games determines Elder/member status.
    •Co-leader earned by showing dedication and leadership.
    •We enter 30 vs 30 CWL and rotate players in and out, when possible, to get members max league medals.
    •We are international and welcome everyone, but mostly play during waking hours of EST to PST. It’s usually quiet between 3am EST and noon EST, but you are bound to find someone popping in to donate.
    •War searches typically start between 8am and noon EST.
    •Request invite to clan and we’ll review your base to determine if rushed before accepting.

    What we expect from clan mates:
    •Relax and respect one another.
    •TH9 or higher.
    •Do not rush your TH level.
    •Have fun and challenge one another. We love challenges.
    •Give tips to others.
    •Participate in CWL and at least occasionally in regular wars.
    •Opt into wars and CWL when all heroes are available.
    •Score at least 1000 points in clan games, 5000 for promotion.
    •Use both attacks in war.
    •Stay active.
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    Bumping about 25 strong members for CWL, looking to add 5-10 more to dominate gold league III.

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    Daily bump.

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    Looking for a few more active TH9+ for CWL.

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    Looking for a few more TH9+

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    A few spots for TH9+ for CWL.

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    Daily bump.

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    Looking for a few more brave souls TH9+ for gold league CWL

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    Daily bump.

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    Looking for a few more TH9+ to fill out CWL roster.

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