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Thread: More decoration

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    More decoration

    I want my base to look more like a medieval village. Cobblestone tiles, 1 square torches, more villagers walking around, adding grass, skulls in spears,etc! Tombstones, fences that attach to the lines of buildings, wheel carts and Hig rider pigs. I want my base to look full and effectively be defensive while expressing my village story. Please add aloooooot of stuff to make these bases look more richer than they already are

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    Two things that come to mind: The base itself is starting to get really full as it is so no room for more clutter. I have a hard enough time finding things like blowers already the last thing I need is more clutter to act as camouflage. This isn’t “where’s waldo” this is CoC.
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    REALLY? Brown trees SC? Gross.. Please bring back green.. 🙄😘

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