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Thread: New Animals

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    Talking New Animals

    1. Id like to see 2 more horses. We have the space in the stable. Clydesdales would look nice, but Id be happy with Appaloosas or Dapple Grays.

    2. Monkeys in the sanctuary. We have bananas to feed them. We could buy tire swings and other fun stuff for them to play on.

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    I like your ideas, definitely need to fill the stable up with some type of horses. Clydesdale are beautiful.

    I have thought about the monkeys, i think they would make an excellent addition to the sanctuary. Giant tortoises would go well with the mix although not as exciting as swinging monkeys.

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    Yes please on the horses. Clydesdale would be nice but at this point I would take Night King's dead horse to fill those last 2 stable slots.

    Monkeys would also be cool in the sanctuary. I've heard another suggestion of parrots or toucans to live in trees. I'd go for birds, then feed peanuts to them and the elephants

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    Like the monkey idea.

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    I would like to see 2 more horses added as well, a couple of lllamas, turkeys and a rooster

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