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Thread: New clan th11

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    New clan th11

    hi there , i need a drama free adult clan as a th11 not rushed
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    Check out Wreck’ned Rebel (#2PVLYQU8P), the feeder clan to the level 17 clan Reckoned Rebel (#2RGJVVJU). We are a level 7 clan that loves war (however it is optional), clan games, and CWL. We are in crystal 3 for CWL. We are looking for TH9+, non-rushed players and you fit the bill! If you’re interested, join our Discord server or message me. The link is

    IGN: Coltssuperfan17 (lv155, TH10), Count deMoney (lv129, TH10)
    I reside in Reckoned Rebel and Wreck'ned Rebel. Check out RR! Check out WR!

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    WilySilence is recruiting

    Were a fresh war clan that is seeking non rushed players that are competitive. Any th is welcome for now our clan tag is 2P8092CRG

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    Hey Yoda,

    You can check us out. Good thing is that we are made of players who have gone through the ranks together, mix from th10 to th13.

    Red wings is home to a great squad of guys and gals who enjoy each other and work towards getting better. We're in rebuilding phase trying to get back to the top where we once were. Currently we have 35 members(updated as of now) some min's some random members. We are looking for some new Members and some new Co-leaders cause the old one's retired and we can't seem to find any new reliable players. If you are up for the task hit me up or join up directly in the clan link is given below.
    P.S Bear with us for the lack of inactivity.

    The clan was formed 2 years ago, originally for low TH's, but we grew with time with heavier bases, and progressing raising the ranks with consecutive promotions in cwl, now in Masters 3 (we split in two clans for cwl, second clan is in Crystal 2).

    Always Max Clan Games,
    Back-to-back wars, International Member Base.

    We are currently Recruiting Th10+ their Royals must be:
    Th10 30/30
    Th11 40/40
    Th12 50/50/20
    Th13 60/60/35/5

    Basic Rules

    • Must do both war attacks early
    • Must Call & Plan War Attacks, Participate in FCs, & War HARD!
    • No Heroes no War.
    • No donation requirement, but donate often.
    • Promotions are based on long term Activity & Communication

    For External chat and feedback via Line for android and iOS.
    We have a Discord server as well !!

    Clan tag #UU08PCJJ
    Red Wing level 16 clan
    5:1 win ratio (259/54/3) current war streak 4
    Co-leader BLUE VALKS #PG9VOUJ
    24/7 War Clan. INTENSE teamwork, AMAZING struggles, EXTRAORDINARY personalities, TRANSCENDENT perspectives, BOLD strategy, CONCERNED citizens. COME and SEE

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    Hey we are new clan. PR Clapz. We have a few town hall 13s and 12s. Mostly made up of th10-8. Pretty active and looking for new members. We got 37 members at the moment.

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    Hi bul2rot,

    Our clan (GlobalKnights) is looking for non-rushed, loyal and active Adult members (TH10+).

    Our current members are aged mainly in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s.

    We do have regular Wars, but not large groups, through upgrades. If you are still interested please read on.

    A little more about our clan;

    Our Clan:

    Our Clan is currently a lvl 15XP
    The Members are Mature (20+).
    We are an active clan, that equally understands the need for a game and life balance.
    We have a loyal and solid group of members, with current membership fluctuating around 40 to full.
    The core of our members (25+) have been with our clan for over 18 months or longer.
    We support all fellow members, responding to donation requests promptly and more specialized troop requests ASAP.
    Members chat frequently in conversation about game advice, strategy, posting bases for attack practice, sharing defence and attack replays as well as general conversation.
    Our members are from various places of the globe (USA, Australia, UK, Canada, Philippines, Finland, Hawaii to name a few) so donations and chat is generally frequent 24/7.
    We are a hybrid farming and war clan that likes to participate in Clan Wars and CWL. The option to opt in or out of War is the members choice.
    Our rules are basic and a Guide Only.
    We all get on very well, we are chilled out and enjoy some of our down time playing Clash.

    If you feel this is the type of clan you would like to be a part of, please come and check us out.
    Search for our name as spelt (GlobalKnights) or our Clan Tag(#8C28P98L).

    We are currently set at Invite Only, so just request to join and mention you are From the Forum.
    Our clan is very friendly and will welcome you on entry.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Clan Leader: Sir Paul D
    TH13 : XP 222
    Clan Name: GlobalKnights
    Clan Tag: #8C28P98L

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    S O M E W H E R E under T H E ☀️



    • B2B Wars

    Active donations

    Clan chat active round the clock

    Great atmosphere

    FCs available upon request of any townhalls, to practise upon

    Willing to help in learning various strats, base designing etc


    At least a Townhall 10

    Use both attacks in war, if opted in

    Ability to 3-star mirrors in clan wars

    Update war status regularly

    No swearing/cursing

    Follow clan mails and attack acccording to war plans

    Do not attack in wars without proper cc troops

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    💀Skull Brawlers 💀| #LQJO2282 | We Brawl For Stars!!

    Tap Or Click Here For More

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    CrYpT nD RiPPeD
    Level 13
    International War Clan
    Recruiting warriors for CWL and regular wars!

    Hello and welcome to the official recruitment thread for CrYpT nD RiPPeD. We are a war focused clan of like minded people who like to war and enjoy the game. Our clan is mostly war focused but we a core of closely knit people established who just like to chill and dominate clan wars. If this sounds like what you're looking for then you might be interested in becoming a part of our family .

    What we can offer -
    War focused environment (War log of 4:1 win loss ratio).
    Healthy clan atmosphere.
    Relatively active clan chat(not 24/7 tho cuz we aren't no lifers)
    Crystal 2 in CWL

    What we are looking for -
    Clanmates who are looking to learn and improve.
    Activity in clan games and wars.
    Non rushed base of TH10+

    We also have a discord server but its not mandatory unless you want to participate in CWL ... it makes it easier to manage the one day wars.

    If this is what you're looking for, feel free to apply at #QLPC22U8
    or if you have anymore questions you can DM me.

    Hope to see y'all in clan.
    Co-Leader of Clan CrYpT nD RiPPeD
    TH11 40/45/7

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    Hi Mate, you're welcome to check out our 2nd clan "UK Elite Squad2" @

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