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    Quote Originally Posted by ExploringGalaxy View Post
    No, i will go for that base
    Actually i was talking about potion that it can also do damage than any good.

    Btw, I like to be in master 3 for farming.
    Super barbs are awesome and with just half army being used we can do 4 attacks at once with very cheap cost (can maintain trophies also). I always attack dead bases having more than 8k dark and around million loot
    The loot which i lost was just 1/20 of what i gain daily
    Everything in this game is a choice and has risk/reward, the potion is no different. Choose to focus on troops over defenses and CWL may be a bit easier, choose defenses over troops and you wont have as many stars against you. Choose to use supertroops and lose the ability to use the regular equivalent. In your case, choose to use a potion to increase your resources and increase your likelihood of being a resource rich target for looting. Nothing here that needs fixing in my opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ExploringGalaxy View Post
    The loot which i lost was just 1/20 of what i gain daily
    How is this even an issue then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by toofinedog View Post
    How is this even an issue then?
    I never said its an issue. I said these pots are not doing any good for me. I used to sell them and so i will in future.

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    I've had the same observation as OP. All of my bases hang out in the 2000-3000 range. I'm a casual player so I don't push trophies, I occasionally attack and enjoy just building my bases. My bases can go for days without being attacked for loot (still hit by trophy droppers), I'm sure on occasion some bases can go a week. But as soon as I use a resource potion, it's pretty much a guarantee I'll get 100%'ed overnight if my storages are even semi-full.

    Someone above said we should sit in a higher trophy range to get a shield before using the resource potion. Why would I push over 3000 to get raided every 12-16 hours when I currently go for days without being attacked at all?

    Anyway, my solution has been to use resource potions only when I have a shield for the night or if I've just dumped all of my loot into upgrades. My mines and collectors are all around my perimeter; I've also been thinking of copying a base where they are all inside walls and switch to that base in this situation. Then I'd be less likely to get hit by a couple super gremlin attacks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rizzob View Post

    Overnight, your collectors would store up 313,600 elixir without the potion and without getting attacked. With the potion and getting attacked, you'll have 156,800 left, so you're 156,800 behind.

    i have to say I am very impressed with that level of in depth calculation you went into for that post

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    so lets put this in other perspectives that can give (or make you see) more benefit than harm:
    1. 7 day shields +5 resource potions stached. no one can hit you those 5/7 days.
    2. it takes 2 days or 21 hours for the collectors to fill fully. meaning if you slept around average amounts (6-8 hrs) the resource potion basically covers alot of the resources stolen. ultimately youd get 400-500k less resources if you didnt resource potion. sure you can say you got 400-500k less stolen from you but what you collect from the collectors will still be less
    3.put a higher focus on defending collectors and/or baiting a shield from getting 30% using a fair amount of troops (in masters the attackers are relatively weak farmers)
    4. this is FREE loot, and usually you can compensate the loss within 1-4 attacks (5-10 mins of just spamming my heroes cooking no troops for me)
    5. if nothing above has resonated change in how you see these potions, go ahead and sell them for 10 gems, maybe thatll be better value for you than getting upset over big numbers in your defense log (another thing to note, you dont see the exact value of how much resources were collected, but you see the exact numbers in your defense replay which could be a major factor of misleading you into feeling bad)
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    Yesterday I got my biggest Loot of 14,65,300 Gold. 15,65,300 Elixir and 6549 Dark. Dark storage was not full so got less.

    I was never Gotten any base before like this maximum was between 1000k - 1200k.


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    Haha buying shield 2 days for 150 gems for 2 resource portion is very illogical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smash9778 View Post
    Haha buying shield 2 days for 150 gems for 2 resource portion is very illogical.
    Not if every builder (6) is down and you will get 1 builder free in 2 days.

    I know, most ppl want to have 5 builder down and 1 for walls. But if you have builder potions (e.g from CG, GP), it wouldn`t make any sense not to use them on all 6 builders.

    Since i play multiple accounts (1 th13 donator account, which is becoming decent these days), it doesn`t hurt to make a break and work on BB or other accounts.

    Another reason i made those 1-2 days break: For consecutive days without much time for CoC. I put down all 6 builder. Then i popp 1-3 Builderpotions and 2 resource potions. That way, i can time perfectly my return with the builder getting free. (1 log in to clear the collectors).

    I just did that with my Th13 donor account after CWL btw! 7d shield in LL all heroes down. Build baby build

    Ok, tbh: I dont actively collect resources potions anymore. I cant remember the last time i would overflow with them. That is why i only keep 5/5 and time the rest.
    My main account is maxed, so naturally i sell the potions for gems.
    My donor account is in LL and i can pop those potions whenever i want to get some extra.
    On my lower accounts i just dont use them, if possible.

    If i drop out of LL to farm walls, it wouldn`t make any sense to use the potions anyway, since the loot/week compared to the margin a potion would get me is so low.
    But what i always do, when farming out of LL: Always farm the exact amount to finish one/two more walls to empty the storage to near zero.

    So i understand the OP, that this potion and it`s effect could somewhat be questioned. Especially, because it`s usage needs timing and the return of investment isnt always worth the return. (aka less sleep, because one would have to wake up in the night, not much additional loot compared to the crazy costs of TH13).

    But in the end, we are all envoys... eh, i mean, chefs! And we take, what is offered :P (at least, that is my take on this)

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    if you are active player playing regularly resorce portion is good if u like open once or twice in day its not use i see no harm in that just little part of loot will get some attackers

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