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Thread: Long-time clasher looking for home for two TH13 accounts

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    Aug 2015
    Hi mate!

    we are an adult English speaking clan, Lvl 17, we war back to back, nothing serious, Very laid back, just enjoy the game.
    we are crystal 3 In CWL. We always finish clan games.
    you’re a perfect fit, drop in & check us out.
    clan #Q8YGJOV The immortals
    plz type Geeman sent me in yr rqst if you decide to drop in.

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    Just checking in Colin to see if you had any luck finding a new home. We still have room for 5 more players. Clash on!

    Current Opening for 3 star TH13 War Experts!
    Apply in Game at #PC8GQP0Q.

    May God Bless you richly!
    Dawn aka Momma Bear of Jesus Reigns

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    Aug 2013
    Hey Colin as described no drama #288RVJJ

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    Hi Colin,
    All of our clans are adults only. Check one of our clans out.

    PFF Family of Clans|

    Adult Clans & Server Only♥♥♥♥♥ 18 plus

    12 clans to choose from

    Recruiting both Competitive and Casual players for our many clans.

    We offer league clans and farm clans. Pick your poison. Looking for serious competitive wars with league breakdowns? We have that!!!♥♥♥

    Want Casual farm wars that are laid back and chill? We have that too!!!

    Want a active social environment? Our discord’s always active and poppin.

    Come check us out!!!

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    TollyMore Irons is a lvl5 clan currently has 21 members of varying lvl, th and age, generally war is always happening, we always participate in clan war leagues each month.

    I will not patronise anyone who’s attacks in war dont go the way they wanted it to or if they don’t get 3 stars because we all make mistakes. If anyone who attacks or is going to and needs help planning or just doesn’t know how to do it feel free to ask someone will always help you plan your attack, explain an attack strategy or what ever else you require.

    We do war all the time which’s are nearly always back to back, although there are no requirements to how many wars you have to participate in, it is entirely up to you on how often you do war because we all have lives and things we need to do, and expecting people to be always ready for an attack in war is an unrealistic expectation.

    Our town halls vary from th11-th4 with the majority being th8+

    The clan has progressed 5 lvls since March/June.

    Active daily

    To join simply search up the clan and join us being the red line in someone else’s war log.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon in TollyMore Irons.

    *NOTE: The clan chat is not always super active, but we get what we need done*

    (We are are almost always set to invite only due to war so when you want to join in your request put “ joe”in your request so we know your not a war spy)

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    The Villagers (#92JCQ8QJ) | Level 16 | Social War Clan | Managed on Discord

    Are you looking for a place with other clash addicts that have hundreds of attacks won per season and have one of the most active chats you will ever find? Then this is the place for you! We pride ourselves on our high activity and ability to crush our opponents in wars.



    What We Offer:

    1) Extremely fast donations (>200k last season)
    2) A welcoming and inclusive community that loves to talk
    3) 30v30 CWL in Crystal 3 (Increasing every season)
    4) A structured and organised approach to wars
    5) Max Clan Games within a couple days every season

    What We Are Looking For:

    1) Non-rushed TH12+ with good heroes
    2) Very high attacks won and loves to chat
    3) Active discord usage (compulsory for all members)
    4) Ability to follow war plans and create attack plans
    5) A passion for the game

    How to join?

    Simply DM me with your details (TH level, Player Tag, etc) or join our discord!
    Expecting your arrival chief!

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    Aug 2015
    Level 18 Casual but Competitive

    We are currently a Level 18 Clan. FluffyDragons was started because I’ve tried a super uptight clan where I wasn’t even sure if I should speak and a super relaxed where I was so frustrated with the lack of leadership. We try to be somewhere in the middle. We are a clan full of people who truly enjoy Clash but also have adult lives with jobs. We expect if your green to do your 2 attacks, but no need in surrendering your first born as collateral. We want to win but not at the cost of being jerks. Banter is aokay, we enjoy joking around......constructive criticism is always helpful being a jerk is not. Although we started this clan with no rules, we've found it just doesn't work without some obvious ones.

    2 attacks in war (and unless all stars are covered they must be legitimate attacks with legitimate troops)

    If you want stars be there at the beginning of war and claim your target. We will not wait for hours on end for any one person to attack. Bottom half must be cleared the first night.

    Hero’s down your out of war.

    We are looking for balanced 11/ 12 / & 13’s. Majority of our people are from the United States, we have a few abroad. We start wars between 7pm and 8pm United States est and we war always. So if this time doesn't work for you, the time will not change.
    In war the top ppl will give you troops, so please pay attention to what is asked and what level. We do not have any donation ratio rules. We're happy to give you anything you need or want. We also don’t care to answer any questions you’ve got. We only get better by helping each other become better players. We war seriously, but we also get we’re all human. Just rewatch the attacks, learn from your mistakes, and be open to learning new attack strategies. If you want a clan who takes the wars seriously but won’t kill you if you screw up from time to time come join us!

    Cwl - Since we are in Masters 1 we only take in 13’s. We’ve found it’s really the only way we can win. But we do have another Clan (inactive clan that merged with us 2 years ago) that we use for all the other th’s. So no matter what level you are we can stick you in cwl in one of the 2 clan leagues.

    Clan Games - We expect everyone to do some. There won’t be a minimum because we’re adults with jobs and lives, but with that said doing 50 pts over a whole Clan Games won’t cut it either. (We usually max out on clan games within the first 2 days)

    FluffyDragons Level 18 Clan Black Emblem
    Master League I

    2nd CWL Clan
    Pekka 122 Level 12 Clan Red/Gold Emblem
    Crystal League I

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    Jun 2015
    Check out my recruitment thread. We're currently recruiting non rushed Th12+ (Th13 only for CWL)

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