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    Quote Originally Posted by JusMe View Post
    What does that have to do with the OP's question?

    ... I better not ask about your interpretation of clubbing I guess... *runs*
    clubbing together would imply merging. Though he may also mean deleting I guess

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beast666 View Post
    When someone post something which is ruled out, forumers usually jump on him to the point that one guy wrote, I have committed a big sin, I am sorry. 😁😁

    I think the way forum is disciplinened is a double edged sword, it keeps control which is good but also make you think twice before posting something.
    I will 100% agree with this.

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    Most of the things which players want are ruled out or against forum rules, so there is no point of posting and discussing.
    Soon a time will come where only legal posts like updates or bugs will be left here.

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    There are times when an idea is ruled out, but the game continues to evolve. Maybe the idea and the ruling really SHOULD be discussed.

    For example, perks were locked down at level 10.

    But since then we have added clan games, builder base, magic items, CWL, dark spells, gold path, daily challenges etc.

    Maybe there could be a perk that increased storage of training spells to six, or increased CG points per player to 4100,

    Maybe there should be a perk that slightly increases production in the gem mine. Remember, gem mine was a ruled out idea, before it came to the game.

    Maybe perks aren't the only "ruled out" idea that could still be discussed.

    Maybe a mod will now arbitrarily close this thread, because I mentioned a ruled out idea.
    Most requested QoL feature is a regional filter in the recruiting tool. If it is so hard to track players by region, why does the top player ranking show both a global and (in my case) a local U.S. tab?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PapaTroll View Post
    ...Maybe a mod will now arbitrarily close this thread, because I mentioned a ruled out idea.
    Why would we close this thread? Just because you have mentioned ruled out ideas as a part of this discussion, it doesn't mean that a mod will be heavy-handed. We prefer to encourage discussion.

    What I suspect frustrates many regular forum users is countless threads saying "Bring back global" or "Why can't we have a toolshed in Hay Day". If all of those were left open the forum would be in danger of grinding to a halt, with other topics being overwhelmed by those old chestnuts.

    Whilst it's true that forum activity has slowed over the years, there's still a community who value the opportunity to discuss those games that continue to have a presence on the forum. Add to that the numerous "lurkers" who read the forum but are not members, and it still gives great value. Other platforms can be more ephemeral, and that doesn't suit everyone; it's a matter of personal taste.

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    Quote Originally Posted by helloworld2 View Post
    clubbing together would imply merging. Though he may also mean deleting I guess
    Then the 'together' apparently got lost in my quotation...

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