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Thread: Level 97 daily derby player from California looking for competitive champion hood. 😊

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    Level 97 daily derby player from California looking for competitive champion hood. 😊


    Hello all! Thanks for stopping by! I’m a level 97 daily player. I throughly enjoy playing this game and every aspect of it. I particularly enjoy the town.

    I have been playing Hay Day for just a little over a year.

    I am looking for a fun, active, serious neighborhood.

    I finish normal derbies within the first day and I love catching all 3 bunnies, getting all bingo lines, and being prepared for blossom and power derbies.

    I only do max point tasks at 320/400 and I happily spend the 10 diamonds for an extra task.

    I have all fishing spots unlocked, town is maxed out at 42, most buildings are heavily upgraded, and my machines are constantly on the move.

    I am 39 and from California. ☀️

    Looking for a hood that is medium to full size.

    I prefer to use either Discord, Messenger, or GroupMe apps for outside chat.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Thank you!!
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    Hi There. Check PM

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    👉👉We want you!! 👈👈
    Momma nanas gang is looking to expand! We are a NH of 5 strong derby players who have been playing together for about 3 years. We are derby orientated but understand breaks are needed. We are strong town players as well. We are a 320 only NH that requires all tasks to be completed at highest point value. We like to help other players grow in a fun relaxing setting. Sometimes we are super chatty other times we arent. We would love to add you to our small family 💜❤💚💙💛

    NH tag 8Y9GRRLQ

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    You would fit right in with us. Out motto is no slackers allowed. We are fun but expect to win

    Rocks and Cows

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    Hi, I've pmed you. Waiting for your reply.
    MAGIC [Level 229 (#2yyjjcqc8)]
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    FB Messenger: Sharile Tan

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    You can read our recruitment ad here to see if we would be a good fit for you. Let me know if you have any questions.

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    Kindred: similar in kind; ones family
    Kith: familiar friends, neighbors, or relatives

    Established 1/30/17
    Kindred Kith is looking for a few good hoodies to help grow our neighborhood. Are you looking for your new forever home?

    Who we are:

    We are a small band of like-minded, championship league neighbors joined together for a fun, relaxing, derby-focused, drama-free time and to strengthen our efforts in the town and derby. Our derby goal is to regularly win GOLD, with an occasional silver or bronze.

    Potential members must:

    • Speak fluent English
    • Be an adult (18 years and up)
    • Play daily (unless life gets in the way)
    • Chat its expected, especially when coordinating derby tasks
    • Be helpful and courteous
    • Work the town!
    • Achieve maximum points per derby (10 x 320 point tasks), if opted in
    • Additional point goal for special derbies
    • Be at least level 60 will consider a few lower level players if active, helpful and willing to grow with us
    • Participate in derby regularly
    • Willing to communicate with hoodies via KIK

    Current composition:

    • Medium sized hood 18 hoodies
    • Farm levels 69 through 195
    • Town levels 22 through 54
    • Countries: Canada, USA, Vietnam, Indonesia
    • Leader: Sam's Place (tag: #2JYYJ2LGR)

    Current Medals:
    Gold: 81
    Silver: 45
    Bronze: 26

    If interested, request to join! You can contact me through the forum or KIK (Samboville)

    Name: Kindred Kith
    Emblem: Blue dog on red circular background
    Tag: #89C99JCL

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    🐠Spirits Peace is seeking highly motivated derby addicts whose goal is the global leaderboard. Our main hood is 🏅Championship league with 77 gold trophies 🏆 and counting! We always place in the top 3! Currently 206 on the leaderboard! We are looking to fill our remaining few openings. We are extremely competitive, very strategic and have fun while we win.We are a friendly,helpful international team. We all work together to achieve our common goals.
    🤔Requirements are;
    📈Must be level 76.
    ✅We require all tasks!
    ☑️320/400/10 every week.
    💬Communication is crucial!
    🏃🏽♥♂️Looking for fast finishers!
    🗺️. We are also a Valley hood. We hit all the chicken/animal requirements and are always on the lookout to repair others trucks.

    If you are levels 40-75, looking to level up and be a part of a great team we also offer-

    🐣Spirits Peace Annex
    This🏅 championship league hood derbies in the same manner as the main hood. Always places in the top 3! Currently leaderboard bound! Its also where some of our main members keep their baby farms. Its extremely active. Some farms may be called up from time to time to help in the main hood! We have 22 active members and looking for more!

    💻 Must join our discord server. It has members from both hoods so you have double the amount of help if needed with tasks!

    If you are interested send me a DM! 📫 If you are motivated to win we would love to have you!
    Leader Spirits Peace
    Competitve Champion League
    Now accepting new members​

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    Sounds like you may be a good fit for our active hood. Please come check us out - Pleasant Pastures #CVRO2JQ - yellow dog in purple circle. Take care, Diana

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    We are looking for new neighbors in our neighborhood. Please come check us out.

    We are a balanced , friendly, semi-competitive neighborhood. We compete to win for a couple of weeks. Afterwards we play in derby to earn just enough points to get the derby awards (minus those awarded to the top 3 neighborhoods). Called horseshoe weeks this more laid-back approach allows us a bit of a break since our goal generally requires fewer tasks. On occasion we get free week. We are an English speaking neighborhood. We all play on a regular basis unless we get busy then we ask you let us know so we know you will not be playing. If you can not complete the derby please opt out. We are a helpful group and all friends. We trash under 300 task. After a trial basis you will be made an elder. Level 55 to join our neighborhood. KIK is not required but we do have it. TraciBru Co-Leader. Ashley Kik . is truetexascowgirl.kik us with any questions if you would like. Or come join our fun, helpful neighborhood. We are all friends

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