View Poll Results: How Often Do You Reach The Daily 80-Tool Limit?

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Thread: How Often Do You Reach The Daily 80-Tool Limit?

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    How Often Do You Reach The Daily 80-Tool Limit?

    How often do you reach the daily 80-tool limit?

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    Only one time. Last week when I went on a shopping spree of UMs after expanding my barn and forgetting about the limit.

    LOL, it took me almost a year to reach the limit after it was implemented in October 2019.
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    Once in a blue moon. It really is only an issue while trading.

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    Every single day, about 5 minutes after the limit resets. Except the day after double crop event - no wheating on those days.

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    Only twice this year.

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    Probably 1-2% of the time but since it is much less than 25%, I voted for never.

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    I don't reach the limit that often but it's affecting how I play the game every single day.

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    I dont reach the limit often now because i reduced enormously the amount of time i spent on hd after the limit had been introduced. At the moment it was introduced, i used to reach the limit every day.

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    Really never (it has happened once since implented)

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    Every single day, not long after the 24 hour period resets

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