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Thread: Lvl 179-Daily player-town& derby 320&up.

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    Lvl 179-Daily player-town& derby 320&up.

    #Y2GRQ9Q9 is my town tag number. Town JazzMeUp. My player name is Peaches.

    I am a level 179 player.

    I live in Texas I prefer an English speaking neighborhood Iím active in town-Valley and-derby although I do not spend diamonds for extra derby task. I luv selling at my shop and am always raising my barn/silo.
    I am looking for fair/enforced derby rules. if you have players in your neighborhood who only finish half of the derby task donít invite me.
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    👉👉We want you!! 👈👈
    Momma nanas gang, MNG, is currently seeking derby oriented, hard working, helpful new friends to join our NH. We are a 320+ task only NH if you participate in the derby, which is optional! Just dont park your farm, this is hayday not monopoly, no free parking here 🤷. We are all town active too! Want to chat? Great, jump on in.... Want to play in peace, that's cool too! We are a simple fun loving NH looking for you to share our NH with!

    NH tag: 8Y9GRRLQ
    Tell em boogie sent ya 😉

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    Sent you a pm.
    Ripleyís Farm #PQ9PUQQY
    Lvl 172, town 48 #ULU2U8Y

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    I think you would be happy with us. Come check out our post

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    Hopefully we get together tomorrow.
    I am lvl 179

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    Stop by check us out.

    Rocks and Cows

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    Just started a New Neighborhood, if you haven't found on yet, come join mine. 320 and 400, NO Dimonds, Friendy and helpful. Looking for those who love the Derby, and upgrading our farms. Tag# YUUG8YYR. East Coast Players U.S.A. It's ok your West Coast. Just looking for U.S. players.

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