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    The Transformation Randomization Trebuchet

    A trebuchet that shoot mystic gel blobs of mysterious origin at opposing troops.
    The splash projectile gel blobs will then turn the troops into another troops!

    For example:
    + A Barbarian can turn into an Archer.
    + A Giant can turn into a Balloon or 5 Archers.

    - The transformation is totally random, but the total housing space will be the same.
    - Fire rate will be slow, perhaps per 30 seconds.
    - Level of troops transformed will be based on attacker own troops level.
    - The housing space of troops that gets transformed will increase based on the tower level.
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    The Alps

    The Harpoon

    A heavy weight amongst the defences, this powerfull giant X-Bow fires huge harpoons which carry extra weight that will put a drag on it’s targets, hampering their attack and slowing down this one troop by 15% per hit.
    Because the projectile is so heavy, a lot of force is needed to propell it significantly enough and this makes aiming a problem: Only big targets can be hit. Any troop with less than 18 hit points will not even be considered a target!

    Air and ground troops with 18 hp or more will be targeted, no setting required.
    Range: 13 tiles
    Damage: 150 per hit and -15% speed (movement and hit rate)
    Attack speed: 1,6 seconds

    Have Fun
    Stay Healthy


    PS: This is my third and last entry

    2nd Entry: Rock Slinger

    1st Entry: Trigger Totem
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    In some Hadrons like Kaons, strange D mesons, and other such Strange Particles.

    Dragon's stronghold

    This is in a form of a little story, I hope you guys like it.

    Gold for Power. Elixir for Life. And Dark Elixir for the Magic.
    The Wizards have finally done it.
    Sorcery, so powerful, that the wizards can now tame the wildest of creatures from the clash world.
    Wizards finally now have control over.... (make a guess)
    (did you guess it?)
    well, here you go...
    (stats are obviously different than that of golden dragon seen in goblin map.
    More info in the later part of post.
    Also I have discussed, in detail, game mechanics in later part.

    As thread is more about idea rather than stats - We can discuss stats later
    Builders and Wizards worked together to build a magical stronghold.
    Stronghold gives health to dragon but the influence of magic weakens dragon's strength.
    Wizards finally learned that to tame dragon, they needed to bait the dragon.

    This stronghold costs gold, elixir and dark elixir to built. All 3 resources, because its just too powerful.
    It needs elixir to feed the dragon (similar to re-arm)
    It also needs dark elixir to fuel the magic (similar to re-arm)
    (But now as defenses automatically re-arm for free, the latter 2 points are just to serve as info)

    The Golden Dragon under the influence of magic, is stable but not for long.
    i.e it regenerates its health inside. But it also grows strong slowly. (here growing strong is just part of story, nothing related to stats)
    Once it grows too strong (ie at full health,in terms of game mechanics), the Dragon can defy the binding magic, and escape from the stronghold.

    As its hostile dragon, once it escapes, it shoots-off to blast anything that comes in its way.
    It flies faster than minions, to reach its target faster.
    When opponent troops attack and dragon starts taking damage and lose HP - it then returns to stronghold to gain more HP.
    And this cycle continues, until the stronghold is destroyed.

    Once stronghold is destroyed, dragon is set free from binding magic. It gets its core strength back. It stops regenerating, but gains its original DPS back.

    Obviously game balance is important.
    So rough idea of stats here:
    (stats can be debated later too)

    Looks like the same golden dragon from goblin map, just more fierce.
    It is definitely faster than minions.
    It has decent high HP.
    Under influence of magic- low DPS, slow firing rate
    After stronghold destroyed - high DPS, fast firing rate
    Health when dragon retreats back to stronghold - at about 10%

    4x4 building.
    Very high HP.
    Fast healing rate.( how about if dragon regenerates back to full health in about 20-30 sec)
    Upgrading stronghold increases healing rate.
    Let's say each upgrade reduces by 2.5s.
    If lvl 1 takes 30s to fully heal dragon
    lvl 2 takes 27.5s
    lvl 3 25s

    Upgrading stronghold too costs all 3 resources because of the power it possesses.

    Gameplay Mechanics :

    When a battle starts. Dragon is at full health. It takes hardly 5 seconds for Dragon to realize danger.
    It shoots-off towards troops to kill them.
    Once dragon has taken significant damage from troops, it vanishes for a second or two, thereby giving troops a little time to re-target, and to stop them from following the dragon.
    Dragon then heads back to stronghold to regenerate.

    When it again regenerates to its full health, it can escape from binding magic, and shoot off.

    But while its regenerating, and Stronghold gets destroyed - the HP doesn't increase, but it gains its original DPS and firing rate back.
    And then if it is destroyed, it dies just like the regular dragon.

    Some strategic thinking:
    If stronghold is well protected - it will need quite a good kill squad (more housing space) to finish stronghold and the dragon.
    But if eagle is on opposite side of stronghold, it might just get easier for eagle to get activated.
    If you prefer eagle over stronghold - then the dragon will easily distract troops.

    What will you choose to do?
    How will you design the base, and how will you approach the base when attacking?

    Key Points:
    1. Is dragon a distracting troop while under influence of magic - Yes!!
    2. Is dragon Over-powered after stronghold's destroyed - No! It should not be. (stats can be adjusted)
    3. If protected for long time, will Stronghold and the dragon make a huge difference - Yes!!
    4. Destroying stronghold will become a higher priority than CC or eagle - YES!
    5. This will give advantage to eagle and (may be even cc troops) - May be yes (depends on base design)

    P.S: My 1st ever comprehensive defense design, with also a small story.
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    I haven't read all the other suggestions in this thread, so I hope my idea is not too similar to someone else's. With that said, here's my idea: the Siren statue

    The Siren statue has the same behaviour and size as a normal Tesla - 2 by 2 and hidden until activated. When activated it will pop up and start sending Siren's call pulses in a similar fashion to the wind gust from the Air sweeper, except Siren's call pulses will be sent in a whole circle around the statue. The statue will send a Siren call every (say) 5-7 seconds.

    Any troop that is struck by the Siren's call falls under its spell and will immediately stop what is is doing in order to re-target onto the Siren statue. This effect will last for something like 1-4 seconds, after which the troop will again reset and re-target according to the normal target selection procedure for the troop in question.

    Rinse and repeat until the statue is destroyed.

    Upgrading the statue increases the duration of the Siren call effect.

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    Barbarian tower

    Recently darian started poll about what represents clash of clans. and barbarian won with flying colours on that poll. so in the game archers got its defence,wizards got its defence but the face of the game and app icon of the game got nothing.thats a bit unfair. so i am presenting new defence barbarian tower.

    it works like barbarians stands on a tower which got a slope and they push a log of wood which got thorns on it so it gives damage to the troopos.
    The tower stands on a poll which can rotate on every direction so it rotates and can give damage to ground troopscoming from any direction.


    Target:-ground targeted,multi targeted

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    RarelyThreeStars joined forum just to put in a good idea i liked, over in the usual spot, a while ago, so since he didn't return after that one suggestion, I'd like to submit on his behalf:

    "Though we still can't expect a new town hall level soon, I got this idea...

    I dont think tesla>inferno>eagle artillery would be nice. Instead, why not retain the inferno but add something like the warden's eternal tome giving shield to buildings at a certain range in a short time.

    As to the activation of the 'tome', maybe there'll just be a trigger radius like the traps and the activation of the weapon would still be the same."

    I like the mood and imagery of it mostly and how it would make for strategic placement:
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    Idea #1. Weaponize the barracks. When destroyed, the barracks generates a certain number of barbarians, archers, or (for Dark barracks) minions. Upgrade the weapon to get an extra Barbie or minion. Keeps with the recent theme of conserving real estate on the playing area.
    Level 1 two barbs and an archer.
    2 three barbs and archer
    3 three barbs and two archers
    One minion, two minion etc.

    Idea #2
    New gear up, regeneration.
    One common defense (AT, mortar, cannon, AD or tesla) returns 60 seconds after being destroyed.
    You could even have levels of regeneration. Level 1 comes back at 25% hit points, level 2 - 50% HP etc.
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    I introduce... The Gamble Guard!

    Alright, here is my second shot.

    Meet the Dealer of Damage...
    The Gamble Guard welcomes you to the Crit Casino!

    This man is a High Roller on his Casino Tower. Cash? No problemo mi amigo, the Gamble Guard has so much of it, that he throws the casino chips away like Santa in a good mood! Some chips are worth more, so deal more damage, and some are worth less, so deal less damage. The Gamble Guard truely has no Dice Control! His damage can go from 50 dps up to 500 dps! The 500 dps ones are the Crits.

    But hey, there is always an Eye in the Sky. he is controlled by the Pit Boss 24/7, so he is less likely to deal the bonus damage. He won't cheat! But is he gonna do a Hot Streak or a Cold Steak? You never know! But sometimes, he deals the Jackpot Damage, which stuns the enemy for a few seconds, but the odds are pretty much zero.

    Are you in for the win?

    So this guy, on a tower, throwing the chips
    (Made a sketch again)

    (P.S.: I had to use this "casino dictionary" website for some terms, mainly for the alliterations. So now you know what everything means. )
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    Space, obviously
    Oh, didn't read the "three submissions per person".....
    Second submission-

    Unicorn hut- (3X3 tiles^2)
    A hut that spawns unicorns.
    Rate- 1 unicorn in 10 seconds

    Each unicorn distracts enemy troops for 3 seconds. Troops have to be within a 10 tiles radius to be affected.

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    2nd Entry

    Similar to the Townhall the Clancastle has now shield capabilities. From the moment the a foe unit enters the radius of the townhall x seconds all damage to structures an heroes will be reduced by x%.

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