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    The Caddyshack

    The Bowlers have learned a new sport, golf! Those fun loving lugs now bowl while attacking, but prefer golf when defending.

    Appearance: A small shack with a fairway tee off by it's side. A few Bowlers are standing around with clubs in hand, each waiting to take a swing. The "golf balls" they smack are the same indentical rocks that they use for bowling.

    What makes this defense unique ... This is the first defense which allows a player to prioritize target! It can be toggled for targeting either:
    ● Highest DPS troop
    ● Highest HP troop
    ● Closest Troop
    ● Fartherest Troop

    The appearance of the shack changes for each of the four modes. So yes, like X-Bows, mode can be determined when scouting.

    Range: Unlimited. Can target anywhere on the map! All troops can be hit, air or ground.

    Now here is the kicker! Damage done by the rock (projectile) is based upon target distance! Farther the target, harder the swing, greater the damage! So now you can see the target setting delima. Nor can it refire until the after the last shot landed, plus a set time delay. Set it at farthest, yes more damage, but the unit itself can be destroyed by nearer troops (thus can not protect itself). Set it to closest, and yes it can protect itself, and fire faster (since shots land sooner) but at lesser damage per shot. Set it Highest DPS or Highest HP, then a gamble. Yes, it can give the King a nasty hit when far away, but not as much as he gets closer.

    Upgrading: Reduces the time delay between shots and/or increases projectiles intial damage.

    [This is how I envision the coding works. The projectiles fired start at a low damage per hit. That damage increases per tile traveled by x%. For example, 10% per tile traversed. A shot landing 10 tiles away has double damage, 20 tiles away triple damage. After that shot lands, plus a set time delay of t, can the next shot be taken. Of course actual stats will have to be determined via testing, to find stats that are not overpowered, nor so underpowered that it is useless].

    Think of a fousome playing golf. If a ball is driven 250 yards, a power swing, and if the ball hits you, you can get a concussion. If you get hit by a short range chip shot, not much power in the swing, maybe a bruise at worst. The next player though cannot take a shot until after the prior player's shot settles. Hence, faster rate yet lower damage as target gets closer. Now envsion four Bowlers, each taking turns teeing off, those rocks flying, them yelling "Fore!" with each shot!
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    The Gravitron !!!

    The Gravitron,an idea that was found in the Master Builder's copy of the book of building.It's prototype was so unstable it destroyed the builder hall.But the builders have now perfected this idea.

    Core Concept:
    This defense will turn ground units into air and visa versa (works on Heroes as well). Then,these troops shall be targeted only by their respective defenses.

    The defense will hold the unit's in their opposite mode* for 5 seconds before overheating and then cool down for 6 seconds before repeating.

    It will,after changing the unit's mode:
    • Stun for 1 second
    • reduce damage by 20% for the remainder of the duration.
    • Nerf hit speed by 10% .Maximum 0.5 second.

    After overheating, the units will:
    • be stunned for 0.25 second
    • Damage and hit speed will revert to normal.

    Range: 10 tiles
    DPS: N/A
    Hit points: 4750
    Size: 3 x 3

    * The word "mode" here refers to the fact whether the unit is an air or a ground unit.The Gravitron will reverse their "mode".

    Also, when not engaged or recharging, it will look like this:

    When engaged:

    The blue stuff is actually water. It is to show the direction of the "gravitational force",example: the water is "falling" upwards due to the opposite direction of the "gravitational force".
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    Not actually me,though.That would be so cool.
    Check the out wiki for clearing some common doubts,trust me it'll help.

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    The Trap Door: It’s the sneaky cousin of the of the Spring Trap. When the trap is sprung troops fall into the hole beneath. They are delayed while they climb their back out. Super version would reveal a moat filled with gators.

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    Behind you...

    Soul Absorber

    This building absorb HP from every enemy unit in the area to increase HP for your units and buildings in the area. Be careful with this building. Whatever you do will be slower when your soul is absorbed.

    Statistics (lvl 1-3):
    HP: 2500/2750/3000
    Max HP absorb per unit per second: 75/100/125
    Max total HP absorbed per second: 375/500/625
    Max HP increase per unit or building per second: 100/125/150
    Range: 8 tiles
    Target: Ground and air
    Speed and att speed reduced: 25%/30%/35%

    Confused? Let me explain!

    This building will absorb the HP of all enemy units in the area at any time (like Inferno Tower) and will add it to the HP of all your units and buildings (except walls and itself) in the area. And will slow down all enemy units in the area.

    If there are 3 enemy units in the area, then HP of each unit will be reduced by 125 (because max HP absorbed per unit per second is 125). But, if there are 25 enemy units in the area, then HP of each unit will only reduced by 25 (because max total HP absorbed per second is 625).

    If this building absorb 500 HP, and all (10) buildings in the area doesn't have max HP, then each building will get an additional 50 HP. But, if only 3 buildings doesn't have max HP (the others have full HP), then each building will only get an additional 150 HP (because max HP increase per building per second is 150).

    Freeze Spell is very helpful here❄️

    Upgraded using Gold and DE (requires both)
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    House of Cards

    Don't feel flush. This defense is not for the faint of heart. In fact, this defense eliminates the enemy in spades. While other defenses club the enemy with metal and stone, this defense is designed to cut through them. Equipped with diamond-edge playing cards, a pair of Headhunters inflict debilitating poison along with a modest amount of damage to any who draw near. When this House of Cards is finally decked, it flops apart to turn into a river of poison catching any enemy who happens to be shuffling by. Is this your card?

    I figure it may suit my chances more to include some artwork. My design is done on top of an existing Clash backdrop from the “Angry Neeson” commercial. It might prove to be the ace up my sleeve.

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    Trap machine.

    Like a bee nest, a no dps defence, which has inside minions, archers or something new, and they will drop when the trap machine is destroyed, together with a bomb like the Town Hall.

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    I introduce... The Crystal

    Defensive buildings... they deal damage in a lot of different ways, but that is the only thing they do. The current defensive structures only vary in range, damage, health, attack speed and damage type (don't shoot me if I forgot one).

    Time to introduce something new and exciting...
    Time to unleash the true magic of the clash universe, more epic than a circular minecraft block... Time to explore the powers, stronger than Thanos' fingers... Time to let the wizards reveal the thing they have been waiting for so long, longer than Rapunzel's hair... Time to introduce... The Crystal !!

    Okay the intro might have been a little less dramatic, but you get the point, the Crystal is awesome.

    In the Crystal Holder, you can place different Crystals, which boosts the defensive structures in its range in various ways. When you attack base with a Crystal, you can see which effect is active by color. The range is visible too (about the same as the GW aura when in defesive statue mode).

    (Of course I made a sketch again)

    I attempted to make a glow effect, but it turned out a bit dirty, but it is just a sketch

    The six Crystals...

    Crystal 1: Discouraging Dreamcatcher
    When this Crystal is activated, all of the defense buildings in its range will cause a slowdown effect when hitting enemy troops. No matter what kind of defense building it is. The effect lasts for 2 seconds after getting hit. The effects doesn't stack, like haste spell effects don't stack. This Crystal doesn't deal any damage.
    Lvl 1: -15% speed, -20% attack rate
    Lvl 2: -19% speed, -24% attack rate
    Lvl 3: -22% speed, -27% attack rate

    Crystal 2: Deadly Precision
    When this Crystal is activated, all of the defense buildings in its range will deal X% more damage per second, also for damage dealing traps.
    Lvl 1: +10% dps
    Lvl 2: +12% dps
    Lvl 3: +15% dps

    Crystal 3: Crystal of Ressurection
    When this Crystal is activated, all of the defense buildings in its range will revive when destroyed. It will be the same effect as the cannon cart. The burning building has the same amount of HP as the Building in normal conditions, but it won't take long to burn down (depends on level of the Crystal).
    Lvl 1: 5 seconds
    Lvl 2: 7 seconds
    Lvl 3: 9 seconds

    Crystal 4: Narcotic Munition:
    When this Crystal is activated, every 5 seconds, the defense buildings in range of the Crystal will cause a X seconds stun effect (visible with those stars like dead heroes or hog glider stun). So the troop that gets hit will stop attacking for some seconds seconds. This is perfect for the multi inferno/ wiz tower/ giga tesla because of their multi/splash damage.
    Lvl 1: 2 seconds stun
    Lvl 2: 2.5 seconds stun
    Lvl 3: 3 seconds stun

    Crystal 5: Obstructive Legacy:
    When this Crystal is activated, and a defense building in the range get destroyed, it will change into a big cubic rock which contains lots of hit points. This Stone doesn't deal any damage, it's just an occupation for your enemys. Only works for defensive (weapon) buildings.
    Lvl 1: 1800 HP
    Lvl 2: 2500 HP
    Lvl 3: 3200 HP

    Crystal 6: Healing Heart
    When this Crystal is activated, all buildings in range will, as you already guessed, heal over time. Every 5 seconds, the Crystal heals the surrounding buildings with X HP (not if they are already full HP).
    Lvl 1: +600 HP
    Lvl 2: +850 HP
    Lvl 3: +1050 HP

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    Introducing the Clash of Clans Trebuchet

    This mighty defense hurls boulders at enemy troops that dare to enter its range, causing splash damage. However, when placed next to a resource storage tank, the trebuchet will siphon available resources from the storage and hurl them along with the boulders. The resources hurled by the trebuchet will be lost to the attacker, but they will add damage to the trebuchet's attack. The trebuchet will continue siphoning resources as long as they are available.

    When placed next to a gold storage, the trebuchet will hurl gold at enemy troops causing increased damage.

    When placed next to an elixir storage, the trebuchet will hurl elixir at enemy troops slowing them down for a short duration.

    When placed next to a dark elixir storage, the trebuchet will hurl dark elixir at enemy troops reducing their damage for a short duration.

    Place a trebuchet next to one, two, or all three types of resource storage buildings to combine their effects for a devastating attack.

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    The Hero Catcher (HC) (aka, the Cat Stand )

    Description: a 1x1 building of multiple upgrade levels and appearance.

    Synopsis: the HC is a hero-distracting apparatus, created from O.T.T.O and Battle Machine spare parts by the master builder. This contraption attracts and distracts passing-by Heroes.

    Mechanism and levels: this building starts attracting heroes when they enter its trigger area. Depending on the HC level, one or more heroes are attracted for a certain amount of time, and stuck ‘playing’ with the contraption. Other heroes, troops, or spells, ignore the defense. Other defenses, defending heroes, traps or Castle troops also start ignoring the hero(es), from the time they are attracted to the time they are released.
    Levels (proposal): the higher the level the longer a hero is trapped, also some additional levels can add more heroes to the ‘party’.

    Building: a contraption of mangled parts,
    BK interaction: he swings at the HC, it behaves like a quintain when hit,
    AK interaction: she shoots at a target on the HC, that target changes position avoiding the hit,
    GW interaction: he zaps at the HC, a mirror on the HC reflects it away,
    RC interaction: she spears at the HC, the ‘mast’ ‘avoids’ it (distorts away from the spear).

    The building could have settings to be specific to one hero, with modified duration/trigger area.
    That hero-setting could be unlocked at max level only on a generic HC.
    More than one such building could be installed on the base.
    The building may be destroyed by the first hero ‘using’ it, or not; and may or not need to be ‘rebuilt’ (temporary or on-demand building).
    This building, similar to traps, may not be counted in ‘% destruction’ even if ‘worn-out’ by a hero.

    Specific details of duration, area of trigger, etc have been purposely avoided. The main idea is a hero distraction, somehow cat integration , and not counting in the total destruction %.

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    Poison Moat

    1x1 squares configurable and upgradable just like wall pieces. The poison moat affects troops similar to a poison spell where it decreases troop movement and attacking speed while causing damage at the same time. Poison moat unlocks at TH 10.

    TH10 15 Pieces Max Level 4
    TH11 20 Pieces Max Level 6
    TH12 25 Pieces Max Level 8
    TH13 30 Pieces Max LeveL 10

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