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    Can pop up anywhere (random) on the battlefield and lures attackers (in a radius) to attack it.

    Before attacking troops sees it it will deal MASSIVE damage with the first hit.
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    The Obstacle Energy Transformer

    Don't want annoying and random obstacles in your village, but instead of just removing them, just use them for a better use, maybe for defensive use? Well then, introducing and welcome, The Obstacle Energy Transformer!

    Appearance and The Basics:

    This is a metal cube with black spikes on top with thin, silver and gold wires crossing over the structure. It will glow a certain color depending on the obstacle and have a special effect. Gem box:Bright Green, Stone:Silver, Log:Copper, Tree:dark Green. This does not affect special obstacles. Then the color will bounce off of the wires onto the attacking troops. When getting the obstacle a black shadow will appear over it and then its energy will be used as a defense.

    This will have an attacking radius, but can use any obstacle on the map. The more you upgrade the higher the effect of the obstacles, and the higher the damage and health as well. Also, troops and defenses will be affected if in the radius of the Obstacle Energy Transformer. I will not copy effects off of already existing spells, that would be boring and uncool. If there are no obstacles around or if you like your obstacles, then only regular damage will occur, a few constant light beams bouncing off of the wires from the sun, all aiming at the same troop. Two obstacles cannot be used exactly at the same time, but there can be multiple effects in one defense. Activates as soon as units get into the radius.

    Stats and The Effect of Each Obstacle:

    Gem Box: While this will cause every friendly defense or unit to be in sync for a period of time (meaning that all defenses nearby will be as fast as the fastest defense in the radius), the attacking units will have randomized attack speed (meaning that they can randomly be using their weapon while not being at a target). Spread buildings out to make this more effective.

    Level 1; As fast as the fastest attacking defense in radius, attacking units randomized attack speed can be up to +-1.5
    Level 2; Fastest attacking defense in radius +0.5, attacking units randomized attack speed can be up to +-2
    Level 3; Fastest attacking defense in radius +1, attacking units randomized attack speed can be up to +-2.5

    Stone: This has no effect on friendly units, but it turns makes enemy units in a stone covering causing them to be slower and actually K.O.ed (same animation as the spring trap) after a certain amount of shots off of it during the effect. Have fast attacking defenses like archer towers by this to easily K.O. the troop off of the map.

    Level 1; Speed decrease on attacking units -4, shots to get K.O.ed 10, Max Housing Space to Stone, 14
    Level 2; Speed decrease on attacking units -6, shots to get K.O.ed 7, Max Housing Space to stone 22
    Level 3; Speed decrease on attacking units -10, shots to get K.O.ed 5, Max Housing Space to stone 38

    Log: This will hypnotize enemy units to walk backwards for a period of time and friendly defenses in the radius to have a longer range. Have traps where the troops will walk backward.

    Level 1; Range Increase +0.5 Tiles
    Level 2; Range Increase +1 Tiles
    Level 3; Range Increase +2.5 Tiles

    Tree: This will give the friendly units and defenses in the radius fresh air, so they can have an invincibility for a period of time, while enemy units will have a layer of smoke covering them, so you can't see them. Put this with your traps.

    Time Effects Last: 4 Seconds

    Unlocked at: Town Hall 10, Town Hall 11 for Level 2 and Town Hall 13 for Level 3

    Radius: 6 Tiles

    Attack Speed: 1 Second

    Unit Type Targeted: Ground and Air

    Size: 3x3


    Level 1; 20
    Level 2; 45
    Level 3; 70


    Level 1; 1460
    Level 2; 1782
    Level 3; 2304

    Upgrading/Building Time:

    To be built: 3 Days and 12 Hours
    To Level 2: 4 Days
    To Level 3; 9 Days

    Upgrading/Building Cost:

    To be Built: 6,500,000 Gold
    To Level 2: 7,500,000 Gold
    To Level 3: 9,000,000 Gold

    I hope you enjoyed and the visual product is here with the help of SharkyFinn and GIMP 2.0!

    Visual Product: Diagram of the Obstacle Energy Transformer

    1. Energy from the obstacle processed (light green because the example obstacle is the gem box) and ready to be used for defense!

    2. The wires that reflect the damage and the effect aura around the radius!

    3. Black spikes to absorb the energy!

    4. Obstacle (gem box) about to disintegrate in the Obstacle Energy Transformer's shadow being turned into energy!

    5. The metal box as the base and to process the energy!

    (This is not how it happens in order)

    This is how it happens in order:

    4, 3, 5, 2, 1
    Bottom Line?

    This uses your obstacles laying around your village into an awesome defense that can be game changing to defense. Along with some really cool colors and effects! You can also choose which obstacles you want on and/or off.
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    Teleport tower. This defense will teleport attacking units back to a random spot on the fringe. Heroes are immune. Probably machines too. Number of troops could be based on equivalent cc level. However, it has a trigger and charge time. So, a barb triggers it. It charges for 2 seconds and it zaps the number of troops that are in its range. It does not wait until it can zap full capacity. Then maybe another 2 second cool down before it can be triggered again. Works on air and ground troops.
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    The Stone Gaze
    Alternate names: Gazing Pillar, Medusa's Gaze, The Gorgon's Stare

    Lore: A thick stone monument with a gorgon's head statue at the top. It is said to have the eyes of the real Medusa.

    Mechanics: The statue flashes every ~3 seconds, instantly damages and turns the affected troops into stone for ~1.2 seconds.
    The affected area is in a cone of ~120 degrees in front of it. Can be rotated in place just like an Air Sweeper. Stun doesn't work on sieges.

    Aesthetics: 4x4 tile size. Gray monument with a wide base. Head statue in green/purple (purple because previous TH is 13). Can rotate in 45 degree increments.

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    Space, obviously
    The log thrower (or roller)
    Rolls logs at enemy troops that deal damage and push troops back depending on its level.

    Dimensions- 3X3

    Range - 7 tiles from the building. Goes through walls (or bounces over them)

    Logs are 4 tiles wide

    Can be rotated (like a sweeper)

    Unlocked at th14

    A log is rolled once every 5 seconds

    Lev1- damage per log- ?
    Pushback- ?

    No stats since I don't know how if my stats will be too op or too weak
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    My submission is that there's already too much defense! How about a TH level without any new overpowered defenses and let the offense catch up a bit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by homer3142 View Post
    My submission is that there's already too much defense! How about a TH level without any new overpowered defenses and let the offense catch up a bit?
    For your kind information, this is just a contest to have fun and use our creativity and the topic maybe anything. It's not like the best idea will surely be implemented in-game or SuperCell is asking for new ideas. As said earlier by Darian, discussion and queries can happen in the voting thread.

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    Here we go again, with my complex thoughts…
    The first is my defense from the builders and their huts. Who were incorporated into the village as defense builder's huts.
    background story ...
    Once a builder was working in the village. Many people come to him and show their valor and make fun of him every time. Because the builder is born only for upgrades. But those people don't know that ... it has mastered fishing. Someone comes to him and tells that you have some master art? Which we can use for protection!
    He becomes silent towards his work and moves towards his next work.
    One day… once his village was attacked. In which he saw his own buildings being destroyed, he was hurt. Hence the builder demonstrates his ability. Because of which he won the war. The villagers gather and go to the hut platform and see what art he can show someone. Pull the enemy towards the builder's huts !!!
    This is my master art if I climb Builder Hut and use it as a defense !!
    My defense is not effective, but it does change the usefulness of any strategy. For example, when Builder Huts hooks the golem outside the wall, the wall is also destroyed by this line. There are advantages and disadvantages in the same way!
    Many villagers call him - Builder Hook! Builder Hook!! Builder Hook!!! Later he is known by this name.

    "His range attacks can pull enemies towards him. He has also mastered the ancient art of 'fish slapping'."

    Hooks Tiles - 6

    Important Notes- It is a different thing; if in future the builder's huts are removed and the builder is given a place to stay in the town hall (due to lack of space). Because there is no space available for new defenses.
    Therefore, this is a different thing.
    Said so! Because the incoming TH may get a new unique-defense, which draws and kills enemies (limited to the same area) due to its green poison.
    (it was mentioned as such clue)
    If you can understand then understand! But now you will understand easily.
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    Introducing the new defense called " EXTRAORDINARY OBELISK"

    Concept: This obelisk deals a great damage to the nearest High HP troops inside its range with an unload of heavy area damage just like sparky. And yeah, It's a tower like structure operated by a barbarian on its top.

    Space - Just like archer tower or wizard tower.

    Target: Ground and air

    Damage per second: >Level 1- 290
    >Level 2- 320
    >Level 3- 350
    >Level 4- 390

    >Level 1- 1150
    >Level 2- 1250
    >Level 3- 1350
    >Level 4- 1450

    Appearance and mechanism :
    This defence has a sparky with its upper half and the coil of irons set up on a tower. Always ready to charge up. When finds a killsquad inside her range, shoots with "massive area damage" which mainly focuses on the high HP troop she is hitting. Its mentionable that as it deals "area damage", a few other troops of the killsquad near to the main one can receive a bit of damage.

    >Cannot deal damage to heroes directly unless its partial due to area damage.

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    right behind you

    The anchor tower

    Inspired by fisherman from clash royale.

    Builder has seen how fisherman use his anchor and thought he could use in the village.

    The anchor tower is an almost no-damage dealing building. It catch troops/heroes with anchor and slows them down with slight damage due to catching.
    It has a big range.
    Good placing is the non plus ultra.
    It can pull troops from one place into range from inferno or other high damage dealing areas. Or pull them away from townhall.

    Obviously it can not pull all troops away at the same time.

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