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    Forum Friday Fun - Design a new Defense

    Hey Forumers/Forumites/Forumlings/whichever you prefer,

    Defenses are one of the most important aspects of your village. Not only do they have one of the biggest impacts on the meta, having maxed out defenses just simply looks cool. From the humble Archer Tower to the newest Scattershot, the Defenses in your village come in all shapes, sizes, and function. But, could there be something different and new?

    For this week's Forum contest, we're going back to seeing your creative ideas for Clash of Clans. We want you to come up with an idea for a new Defense. More specifically, a new Defense building. Whether it's a new kind of tower, a new long range artillery, something that dumps hot oil on troops, whatever. We want to see your creativity in suggesting a new defensive building for your village.

    The standard rules apply:

    1. THREE submission per person.
    2. This thread is for posting your entry. The discussion can happen in the voting thread.
    3. Submissions will close at end of day on Friday (Helsinki time). Any submissions posted after 6pm Helsinki time on Monday will not be considered an entry. Though we may still put it in an honorable mention category if we like it.
    4. After the submissions close, we'll pick our 10 favorites.
    5. The top 10 will be placed into a poll for the community to vote on and the winning vote will get 500 Gems.
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    Skeleton Tower: A Tower where skeletons throw sharp spears upon troops. Targets both ground and air. Multiple targets like 4 skeletons upon the tower targeting yetimites. Once the tower is destroyed, skeletons continue to distract and fight.

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    ____LAUNCH PAD_____

    Graphical Representation:

    >Not very good at photoshopping, lol. So I am leaving it to the devs :-)
    >I think that it can look like the star laboratory in the Builder Base. It would be dark in color and instead of the telescope, it would have a red hole on top, through which a rocket would come out every 22.5 seconds, similar to the EA.

    It is a new defense which launches big rockets which land near the troops. It has similarities with the eagle artillery, but is much slower. When targetting, the launch pad targets the troop nearest to the Launch Pad. Unlike the Eagle Artillery, its initially targetted position does not change with the movement of the targetted troop, which means that it can miss its target. Every rocket consists of 5-10 wizards which come out when the rocket lands. The wizards do not come out all at once. Rather, they come out one by one, like in the siege barracks. The level of the wizards depend on the level of the wizards of the player and the number of wizards depend on the level of the launch pad. Once all the wizards come out, the rocket explodes with a bang!, inflicting damage to the attacking troops near it, if any. Like the EA, it has to first get activated before it starts to launch rockets. But unlike the EA, it does not depend on the housing space of the total army. Instead, it gets activated under any one of the two conditions: Firstly, it gets activated when the amount of a certain troop deployed, exceeds a particular housing space, combined, which means that if the launch pad gets activated at 100 housing spaces, it gets activated if you deploy 4 electrodragons, but would not get activated if you deploy 3 electrodragons and a yeti. This discourages spamming of a particular troop(Hi there, electrodragon spammers!). Secondly, it can also get activated when 40% of the base is destroyed. The launch pad keeps on launching rockets until the launch pad gets destroyed. Like the EA, Scattershot, Infernos etc, this defence too can get deactivated if the village is inactive

    Constant Stats:
    >Townhall Required:14
    >Number available to Build:1
    >Damage type:Splash
    >Targets:Ground and Air
    >Favorite target:Any
    >Attack speed:22.5 seconds

    Variable Stats:
    >Level 1:
    ~Build Cost:20,000,000 Gold
    ~Build Time:20 days
    ~Experience Gained:1400
    ~Number of Wizards Released:7
    ~Explosion damage:500
    ~Housing Space needed to be triggered:100

    >Level 2:
    ~Build Cost:25,000,000 Gold
    ~Build Time:23 Days
    ~Experience Gained:1500
    ~Number of Wizards Released:7
    ~Explosion damage:600
    ~Housing space needed to be triggered:120

    >Level 3:
    ~Build Cost:32,500,000 Gold
    ~Build Time:28 Days
    ~Experience Gained:1750
    ~Number of Wizards Released:10
    ~Explosion damage:750
    ~Housing space needed to be triggered:135

    Benefits of the Defence:
    >It discourages troop spamming and makes the attackers try out different strategies
    >Adds a new layer of defence, and urges the clashers to experiment with new bases and attack strategies
    >Buffs poison and freeze spells
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    The lightning tower (super tesla) - zaps attacking troops with chain lightning that also briefly stuns them.

    Special ability - can also absorb electricity from lightning spells and edrags for an even bigger attack.

    Each level increases the amount of damage the lightning does.
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    The grappler! Converts your offence to its defence!

    This defence only targets ranged attackers and sends out four grappling hooks each of which pulls a ranged troop back to the defence body without damaging the troop and forces the troop to attack their allies
    The defence has fours hooks which can only extend in one direction each attacking at 90 degrees to each other.
    The defence can be rotated 45 degrees when planning the base.
    Caught troops attack stats are the same as their normal stats but ranged ground troops gain a slight range advantage and ranged air troops a slight range disadvantage.
    The troop must be destroyed before the weapon itself can be attacked directly and the troop keeps its normal hit points.
    If the captured troop on one side is destroyed then the defence can be attacked and destroyed from that side without killing the troops caught on the other sides of the defence.
    Any caught troop still alive when the defence is destroyed is released and can rejoin the attack.

    Maximum of 3 Grapplers at TH13, 2 at TH12 and a 1 at TH11
    Hit points are similar to a wizard tower
    DPS depends on the caught troop
    Grappler range 3-10 tiles
    Maximum caught troops 4 (a new troop can be caught if one is destroyed)
    Maximum caught troops weight limit is 60 (so it could catch four baby dragons, but only 3 dragons or 2 electro dragons but it could also catch 1 electro dragon, 1 dragon, a wizard and a headhunter at the same time)
    Heroes and healers will be immune to the grappling hook

    behold the awesomeness that is my artwork!

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    Enigmo Blaster: A Blaster on top of a tower that fires mysterious dark energy beams on troops of both air and ground.It fires continuously like inferno tower but has no damage over time.
    If a long range troop is attacked then the troop becomes confused and changes its path to any random target.

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    Not good at Photoshop so not gonna try that.
    Defensive building - Ice Machine
    Throws ice balls at enemies doing low damage but slowing down the attacking troops by x % for y sec.
    Has a secondary defensive ability of creating a blizzard with heavy damage when troops enter the trigger radius .
    Range: 5 -20 tiles (ice ball)
    5 tiles (blizzard)
    Trigger radius: 3 tiles (blizzard)
    Damage per hit: 25 (ice ball)
    Damage per sec: 125 (blizzard)
    Damage type: area splash
    Damage radius: 3tile (ice ball)
    5tile (blizzard)
    Hit points: 2267
    Targets:. Ground and Air
    Favorite target:. Any

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    I am presenting you, the Doom Cannon.

    The concept is rather simple but its stat spread is unique. This defense will have insane damage (being able to OHKO Archer Queens). Its health is high overall, similar to other defenses like X-Bows and its range and rate of fire is the exact same as a Mortar. So in other words a very slow but very strong defense. It will only target ground troops so Dragons and Lava Hounds are safe from this beast.

    At max level
    Damage: 5000
    Hitpoints: 2500
    Range: 11 meters
    Attack Speed: 5 seconds
    Targets: Ground
    Building Hitbox: 9 meters^2 (3◊3)
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    Revenge tower:
    The stronger the attack the stronger the defense.
    Basically Newton's third law meets Clash of clans.
    On top of the tower is a being cloaked in black surrounded my blask mist who is calm unless provoked but is capable of catastrophic devastation.
    It only attacks when being attacked at DPS proportional to the troop (single troop) attacking it.
    So a group of archer can destroy it but high DPS troops like Edrag or Pekkas may falter against this tricky defense.
    Would take some skill to tackle it.

    (Bonus idea : The attack can be dished out similar to the way it took the attack...
    Splash damage if it was hit by a Dragon OR Single if it was hit by a Baby Drag.)

    (Minor Alternate: It takes the powers of the being that dared harm it first and uses only that power for the rest of the battle rather than changing from troop to troops when being hit).

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    Morphing Ray

    A ray gun that charges like a single inferno but does no damage - however it turns the targeted troop into smaller troops like barbarians, archers or skeletons, amount equivalent to housing space. Charge up time depends on health. (There could be a green charge-up bar on top of troop health bar)

    For instance, a pekka would turn into 25 barbarians. Air troops like electro dragon could turn into 30 lava pups and air skeletons. 1 housing space troops are immune to it.

    Now I donít know what kind of an effect it would have on heroes... Should it have a multi ray option like an inferno tower does? Not sure if we want more splash damage on bases, I leave it up for debate.

    Anyways, leveling up would increase the morphing speed and change the type of morphed troop to weaker ones.

    For instance, 1 Morphing Ray turns troops into the strongest 1 housing space troops (barbarians? archers? a 50/50 mix of them?). As the Morphing ray is leveled up the percentage of weaker morphed troops increases (more skeletons). Letís say a max level could turn a troop into 80-100% housing space equivalent amount of skeletons.

    Now that Iím thinking of it, you could take advantage of this defence by sending like a lavahound to be morphed and turn it into 30 small troops, more than it would normally spawn. So you need to think of its placement carefully to prevent people from using it against you.
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