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Thread: New Production Machine Ideas

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    Lightbulb New Production Machine Ideas (Charcuterie, doughnuts, soap, etc)

    1. Soap Maker-Makes soaps from goat milk, beeswax, and olive oil.
    • Milk and Honey Soap- made from beeswax, milk, and honey
    • Floral Soap- made from olive oil, peonies, lilies, and indigo
    • Citrus Soap- made from beeswax, oranges, and lemons
    • Mint Soap- made from goat milk and mint

    2. Doughnut Fryer- Makes doughnuts and other fried sweets
    • Jelly Doughnut- made from wheat, eggs, and strawberry jam
    • Glazed Doughnut- made from wheat, eggs, milk, and white sugar
    • Lemon Doughnut- made from wheat, eggs, white sugar, and lemon curd
    • Chocolate Doughnut- made from cacao, eggs, wheat, and white sugar
    • Apple Fritter- Made from eggs, wheat, brown sugar, milk, butter, and apples

    3. Charcuterie Kitchen- Makes artisan cheese, meat, and fruit boards
    • Fruity Board- Made from cheese, peach jam, strawberries, and bread
    • Classic Board- Made from cheese, goat cheese, bacon, bread, and tomatoes
    • Lobster Board- Made from cheese, lobster, and bread
    • Sweet Board- made from cheese, bacon, honey, bread, and marmalade
    • Nutty Board- Made from cheese, peanuts, honey, bread, and goat cheese

    4. Soda Maker- Makes sweetened carbonated fizzy drinks
    • Cherry Soda- cherry juice, white sugar, and cherries
    • Apple Cider- apple juice and white sugar
    • Grape Soda- grape juice, white sugar, and grapes
    • Citrus Soda- orange juice, lemons, and white sugar

    5. Nut Roaster- Makes delicious snacks made with peanuts

    • Roasted Nuts- Made with peanuts
    • Spicy Nuts- Made with chili peppers and peanuts
    • Garlic Nuts- Made with chili peppers, garlic, and peanuts
    • Cracker Jack- Made with peanuts, popcorn, and toffee
    • Honey Sesame Nuts- Made with honey, sesame, and peanuts

    6. Chocolatier- Makes chocolate confectionaries

    • Cacao Truffle- Made with chocolate, cacao, milk and cream
    • White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle- Made with cream, milk, white sugar, and raspberries
    • Mint Patty- Made with- cacao, cream, white sugar, mint, and milk
    • Nougat Truffle- Made with- cacao, cream, brown sugar, and milk
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    Question What Are YOUR Production Machine Ideas!!!????????

    In the replies list what ideas you have for Hay Day in terms of production machines
    • You can list just the production machine idea
    • Or you can list your machine idea and some of the products it would make

    Here are some of mine:

    Charcuterie Kitchen- Makes cheese and meat boards
    • Cheese Board
    • Seafood Board
    • Fruity Board
    • Salty Board
    • Honey Board

    Doughnut Maker- Makes fried sweets

    • Cream Doughnut
    • Chocolate Doughnut
    • Jelly Doughnut
    • Lemon Doughnut
    • Strawberry Doughnut

    Seafood Bar- Makes seafood delights

    • Garlic and Lemon Lobster
    • Poke Bowl
    • Surf and Turf
    • Seafood Salad

    Soap Maker- Makes soap
    • Mint Soap
    • Milk and Honey Soap
    • Floral Soap
    • Citrus Soap

    Waffle Iron- Makes Waffles
    • Berry Waffles
    • Waffle Sundae
    • Mochi Waffles
    • Chocolate Waffles

    Those are all my ideas
    Feel free to leave your ideas or reply to other people’s in the replies

    My Farm:

    Thanks for reading!!!!

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    Soap maker sounds cool.

    Doughnut maker could be incorporated into the deep fryer.

    I don't really see the other ones getting added but they're interesting ideas. Main thing we need are more products that use peanuts!

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    I like your production ideas and hope they are added.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MusicAngel415 View Post
    I like your production ideas and hope they are added.
    Me too. All ideas are very very nice!

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    It would be great if Hayday employs you as staff, we devoted Hayday players would be benefited tremendously ������

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    The separator

    My best idea for a new machine is the following:

    A machine that seperates the products from the product you send in.

    A few examples:

    You insert brown sugar and you get the ingridients back sugarriet (not formiliar with the english word)

    You insert carrot cake you get back, brown sugar, butter and carrots.

    This would then be possible with all the products.

    Hope you like the idea as much as I do!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronnie1998 View Post
    you get the ingridients back sugarriet (not formiliar with the english word)
    Just change your (game)language to english, you can than easily see the english word for ‘suikerriet’ is ‘sugarcane’.

    But why would you want the ingredients back?
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