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Thread: Looking for a neighborhood!

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    Looking for a neighborhood!

    deana103 —thanks!

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    Hi Deana, could you tell us a little more detail, what type of hood you are looking for, champion or expert league, what country you are in, if you are derby orientated, active etc, chatty, quiet etc
    Cheers Robyn from The Active Help NH.

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    👉👉We want you!! 👈👈
    Momma nanas gang, MNG, is currently seeking derby oriented, hard working, helpful new friends to join our NH. We are a 320+ task only NH if you participate in the derby, which is optional! Just dont park your farm, this is hayday not monopoly, no free parking here 🤷. We are all town active too! Want to chat? Great, jump on in.... Want to play in peace, that's cool too! We are a simple fun loving NH looking for you to share our NH with!

    NH tag: 8Y9GRRLQ
    Tell em boogie sent ya 😉

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    Quote Originally Posted by deana103 View Post
    deana103 —thanks!
    We are new just started but hoping to ne great!

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    Hello!!! I think our So Cal Hood would be a good fit for you. Our neighborhood is very active in the derby and town. We are all super helpful. We don’t have a quota or many rules regarding the derby but 2/3rds of our hood are self driven to compete and complete 9 of 9 tasks even though there’s no requirement to do it. We are active but without forcing to make the game a priority in life. Our neighborhood is called SO CAL HOOD tag #92LGY2P2 red horse with yellow background.

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    Hiya. I am all alone in my neighbourhood currently. Happy for anyone to join so long as they are active and prepared to help out and participate in derbys. Check it out.

    Harlequins #YR8LL22C

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