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    Quote Originally Posted by ExploringGalaxy View Post
    Wait, what ? Update for Xmas tree ? Oh please Xmus tree is just a special obstacle and its not worth of an update.
    Nope, he doesn't mean Xmas trees for December update. For what I understood, he's trying to say the next update is the December update which includes the Xmas tree as obstacles.

    -Check @2222's thread above
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2222 View Post
    Wrong. The next update is the Autumn update, which almost certainly will come before December and won't include a Christmas tree.
    Methinks the Xmas tree might be tongue in cheek, especially given his sig...

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    Yesterday I saw a dream of DEV video where Darian was introducing a new troop and a new spell,though I don't remember what those new troop and spell were in the morning after all it was a dream

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ullaspn View Post
    Yesterday I saw a dream of DEV video where Darian was introducing a new troop and a new spell,though I don't remember what those new troop and spell were in the morning after all it was a dream
    I think the troop you saw had the power to make you forget you had seen it

    Not actually me,though.That would be so cool.
    Check the out wiki for clearing some common doubts,trust me it'll help.

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    And here comes the 😆😆😆😆🙌🙌🙌 autumn

    Server upkeep maintainence break
    Sorry if I made you excited

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    Ok, it`s your fault. Now i am hyped.

    I thought; "Th13 is done anyway, what would there even be left to upgrade? A few walls?". After a quick search (which is full of errors, i am sure), i came to the conclusion, that there are actually a few things, they could still upgrade. ("could be", not "have to". We could well receive a pure builder base upgrade or even less :P (I actually love BB)

    And if we are highly speculative, the full update "has" to be done before world championship finals. I would make sense right? (I can`t find the actual date, so i presume some time around last weekend Oct/Nov. Which means Update has to come 1-2 perhaps 2-3 weeks beforehand. End of September, November? Next CWL is not important anymore right? (in view of qualifyers, the last CWL was the last right?)

    So if we are lucky we will get Teasers in 1-2 weeks. And since the new "teasing" strategy, the update will be online appx 1 week later. (Every bet is off, if they have technical/devl. problems).

    Correct me if i am wrong: But there are a few possibilities for upcoming upgrades:
    Yes: I am aware, thet upgrade intervall could be 2 TH`s which means possible Upgrade stuff for TH14.

    I was just amazed, how many things could still be upgraded. Yes, we already got new collectors, headhunter, barbarians, archers and more. But they are retroactive implementations in TH11/th12. (I could be wrong, but that is, what i gathered).

    Spring Trap: +1 Level (we already got +1 unit)
    Skeleton Trap: +1 Level (+1 more unit?)
    Tornado Trap: +1 Level (Uh, hold on tight! 1+unit? )
    Collectors: +Level (I know, unlikely, but still level whise it`s possible. Especially to ballance defence)
    Army Camp: +Level (Exept, if they skip 1 TH).
    Barracks: +Level + New Troop? (Exept, if they skip 1 TH).
    Dark Barracks: + New Troop? (Correct me, did we get HH retroative in Th12?).
    Spell Factory: + Level + New spell? (Exept, if they skip 1 TH).
    Dark Spell Factory: +Level +New Spell? (Exept, if they skip 1 TH).
    Sweeper: +Level

    Troops/Spells with the possibility of +1 level:

    Barbarian, Archer, Giant, Goblin, Pekka, Witch, Ice Golem
    Lightning Spell, Rage Spell, Freeze Spell, Earth Quake, Haste Spell, Bat Spell

    Heroes: ?

    Huieeeh, now i am exited.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iduyenn View Post
    Tornado Trap: +1 Level (Uh, hold on tight! 1+unit? )
    I sure hope not. That would be the worst thing to make stronger or more of. I agree a lot of the other you have listed are likely candidates for upgrades.

    Contact SC here. Click here for how trophies are calculated. Click here to see how war map placement of max halls is determined. An idea to improve legends here. I wish max players had a separate loot bank as described here. Caution, I often discuss for the sake of discussion and enjoy having my opinion challenged (or approved of) even when I care little about the actual issue. My balance wish: get rid of tornado trap, make it a decoration.

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    When will be the next update?

    Anyone got idea?

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    Every time you ask, it gets delayed.

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    A thread is already there for the next update. Please find the link attached:
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