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Thread: Is it that time of the month again? Recruiting for upcoming CWL.

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    Is it that time of the month again? Recruiting for upcoming CWL.

    Hi everyone,
    We are looking for guest players for the upcoming CWL, but of course you can stay permanently if you enjoy our company.

    We are a European based clan, but have already welcomed people from all over the world. We speak Dutch and English.

    How are we organized for CWL:
    We play in 2 different clans, the main clan is only for th10 and higher, the mini clan is for all lower ths and less skilled players.
    In the main clain we play at Crystal III, in the mini its a relaxed Gold level.
    Everyone whos engaged in war will have a guarantee of having an equal spot, I dont make distinction between permanent and guest players.
    We do play with a game plan, so communication is key
    We are very kind and understand that we are not all perfect warriors, but if you dont attack you will lose your spot

    Are you interested to play in one of our 2 clans?

    Just come and say hello in the main.

    Visit us with this direct link

    Or use this clantag
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