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    Quote Originally Posted by Hemant View Post
    Link might work now
    Last edited by RH69; October 22nd, 2020 at 05:34 PM.

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    Have five. Even when using the take photograph option itís cutting off my corners.

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    I got my 5 vacant tombs and three of them I didn’t like the placement. So, rather than use shovels to put them where I wanted (too much gems) I removed 3 of them two days ago and now have 5 again in places I wanted by forcing them to respawn there. Point is there is plenty of time left to do this if you don’t like your placement ��

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephrr View Post
    Started 2-3 days late after they already were spawning up to 3+.. Yesterday I got 4th somehow. Hope it's not too late for 5.
    Well well 5 came mine a pater almost 2 days of Nadda.

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    no more entries, spawning has ended,
    time to call this competition closed.

    Thanks for participating!
    See you all for christmas deco.

    Have Fun
    Stay Healthy

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