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Thread: Looking for an active neighbourhood

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    Hello!!! I think our So Cal Hood would be a good fit for you. Our neighborhood is very active in the derby and town. We are all super helpful. We don’t have a quota or many rules regarding the derby but 2/3rds of our hood are self driven to compete and complete 9 of 9 tasks even though there’s no requirement to do it. We are active but without forcing to make the game a priority in life. Our neighborhood is called SO CAL HOOD tag #92LGY2P2 red horse with yellow background.

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    Hiya - I'm currently alone in my neighbourhood and looking to recruit. I'm in the UK and want a nice friendly active group who enjoy derbys and helping out. I'm level 42.

    Harlequins #YR8LL22C

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    Are you interested in a newbie (less than a month) with lots of free time......currently level 36. Professional level in derby after doing 2 and currently in the chill bunny(?). Looking for fun interaction, competitive derby, and helpful team players. I have my fishing, boat dock, and town all open and active. I was active daily in the valley until it closed. Thanks!


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    👋👋Hello fellow farming addicts! Central Collective is pursuing 1 more ***Derby Focused Players*** for our ***Championship League hood*** .

    A Collective is defined as- A group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective.

    👩🏼♥🌾🧑🏽♥🌾We are a team of international experienced players levels 36-142. Due to our strategies we always place in the top 3. Our goal is to be within the top 200 on the global leaderboard. We currently have 29 extremely active members! Played a few derbies and want to take it to the next level? We love to support and teach young farms how to be competitive.

    ☑️Levels 36 and above
    ☑️320/400 only
    ☑️Must have derby experience.
    ☑️Mandatory extra task every week. 10/19
    ☑️Must have discord for easier communication
    ☑️English speaking hood.
    ☑️No outside trading. (There’s no need when you join our hood)
    ☑️ Must be able to finish derby in 4 days or less.
    ☑️Town needs to be at level 13
    ☑️Have at least 6 fishing spots open.

    🤩We are friendly, active, and very helpful. Very understanding if you need to opt out for derby! We all have lives! Just let someone know. 🙂

    📲Dm me for more info!
    👒Farm Tag: YCJ8PJQR

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