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    Quote Originally Posted by zetis View Post
    So what was the fix? Should we start to hoard peanuts already?
    seriously, what was the fix? Anyone figure it out?

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    Nothing’s changed...still a peanut glut.

    The fix requires a collective re-direct: Harvest enough peanuts for farm and town use only.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sierramike View Post
    seriously, what was the fix? Anyone figure it out?
    They made the harvest time longer. From 3 hours to 6 hours (or did someone say 5 hours?). But if there's no demand, it's not going to really solve the problem.

    People want to get their 8 squirrels and harvesting and selling peanuts give you xp and coins. And it's a great product to ad if you need help for boat or town. So it's really unrealistic to hope that players wouldn't do this. It's up to SC to balance the game.

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