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    Quote Originally Posted by LynnK2015 View Post
    For examples, IIRC, when I was lurking in various Supercell subforums before registering for a forum account many years ago, I stumbled onto two polls in which Supercell employees were the subjects of the polls. The questions were inflammatory and the choices were even more inflammatory. And I thought to myself: Seriously, why the hell would the forumites post such troll baits and flame baits!?

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    Yup most polls were awful and incredibly biased in the sense that you had no choice but to agree with whomever started the poll. Quite a lot were toxic towards SC, employees, mods etc etc.

    Every single update whenever there was something players didn’t like every Tom, Frank, Harry and their cat started a poll on some nonsense detail. People also abused polls to get around the dreaded thread merge. Since a thread can only have 1 poll they’re not suitable for merging and in a lot of cases the feedback sticky got messed up because someone was adding a poll in the same time as out merging actions in busy update times. Which created challenges too.

    So eventually we had to decide to take away poll starting abilities.
    there are more nice things around here that simply can’t work or were limited or taken away because people will abuse it and have abused it.
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