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Thread: Need clan mates!

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    Looking for th9 to th11 active players

    Hey everyone! I’m trying to rebuild my old clan! Clan name is #shift7 come check us out. We want to war weekly, complete clan games and do CWL! Looking for good humble people.
    Our clan is currently open! Come give us shot. We love to grind and donate and stay active in chat!
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    Need clan mates!

    I am looking for good humble folks to join my clan. We want to war frequently, stay active in chat and donate often. The clan status is currently open and look forward to see new people! Our clan name is #shift7

    We are looking for max th9s through to th11.
    16 and up
    For now thereís a 1500 trophy requirement

    Requirements will go up as the clan grows.
    Bare with us we are trying to rebuild an old clan, she looks rough now but grind through the bad with us and get #shift7 back on the map with us!

    My name in game is KingLeonidas Iím the leader
    Come join us!

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