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    Full achievements

    I claim to be the first player to reach this point : I finished all achievements.

    Video :

    In a way, I feel like "Game Over"... till new achievements in the future

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roverjen View Post
    I finished all achievements.
    Congratulations. That's a nice accomplishment.

    I don't know if there are others or not. I do know of one who is close. When this video was posted in June, the player was close then. I just checked and it looks like they're just 640 shy of the "Well Seasoned" achievement.

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    Wow great job Roverjen! Impressive. You put in the work! Some of the achievements feel years and years away to me, I can't even imagine how many hours of play it must have taken.
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    Congrats !!
    Great Job.
    Near to complete all.
    only scattershot achievement left.
    And near about 300 more points for well seasoned.

    Well seasoned will complete in a day or 2 with new challenges.
    And then only scattershots left.😁

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    Well seasoned will be done in this or next month after that unbreakable and scater will be left on mine

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    Congrats! Iíll only have the scattershot one left very soon (need ~1k more season points).

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    Thanks a lot everyone. According to the Fandom "Hall of Fame", it seems that I'm the second player to reach that point.
    Three days ago, a player called "The punisher 9" did it first. Congrats to him !

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    well you are the first one on the forum boasting about it (in a good way) kudos and a virtual ice cream cone from me! congtatz I am light years away from a few of them..

    good show

    clash on

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    This is great.

    My end goal is to finish ALL the achievements as well so I grind them slowly but steadily. I still have like 15 achievements left but they will diminish over time.

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    Congrats! I'll finish well seasoned next month. About 4 months for scatters. And most likely never for unbreakable.
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