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Thread: Couldn't find a place to upload ideas. Here I'm posting.

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    Couldn't find a place to upload ideas. Here I'm posting.

    Here are my ideas.
    1. Showing time: When the troops are already full in the camp and the second troops are being trained inside the barracks. It will be good I suggest if it can show the remaining total time that will take to complete even for the second troops when the troops are full in the camp.

    2. Collectors' lock: By tapping anytime on Collectors we get the golds or elixirs to our storages. It is a good idea if the collectors can be locked and we collect it back when we want especially by letting it get full and receiving the gold or elixir at huge amount at once.

    I also have other ideas which I will keep on update if you all appreciate new ideas.

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    Your idea was good on the showing time thing but think if u need loot and see your collectors aren't giving any loot and you are in a hurry, now a person in hurry doesn't remember things that he has locked unlocked and that will be time taking also and yess I am appreciating more Ideas like the first one

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    1) Yes, I've found it annoying that the queue beyond the camps doesn't show a total.

    2) Why on Earth would you want to allow your collectors to fill? Just so you can watch big numbers transfer to your storages? And for that you want SC to implement a lock switch? Pfft. No way. You can implement your idea right now, simply do not log in or do not tap the bubbles. But do you realize that 1/2 of the loot in your collectors (3/4 of drills) is available to looters while only 10-20% is available from storages? Why would you not want to move it from collectors to storage?

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