Hi, this is the clan for you, and since you match all the wanted descriptions then plz come and join right away - Elite Warriors #2Y99CPCPU. If you're unsure then just come and check it out.

About us
We started out as a group of friends who all enjoy playing this game and then we decided to start a clan of our own. We are a casual clan but we are/will become a serious clan. We push for everyone to do as best as they can in all events (clan games, cwl, wars). We are looking for people(s) that are willing to help me and my friends to help build this clan together. I am currently the leader (my in-game name is har har) of the clan and have played the game for 1.5 years but I am an active, experienced (I follow a lot of YouTubers) and patient.

We are more than happy to have new players come join our clan - Elite Warriors - 2Y99CPCPU. - We are an international clan.
We started the clan 3 months ago. The clan is lvl 3 and almost lvl 4 and has about 11 th12+ (I can remember exactly how many but we have at least 11 people) who can donate siege machines and highish lvl troops since their mostly rushed.
We have 46 members - but we are currently getting rid of some other inactive lower lvl townhall players like th7 and below. So more space!
We do back to back wars!!
And you always get troops when you request!!!
WE are currently in silver 2 - but will be getting progressively better as the clan progresses.

Who we NEED! (which is you in case you were wondering)
We are looking for a person(s) that want to come join and help build this clan together and be the equivalent of a second leader!

But they need to be:
- PATIENT (I have to express this since it takes a long time before the clan has been modified and changed until we are a really good, serious clan)
- th9+ (Rushed bases is fine as long as they are active daily. Th12+'s would be extremely welcome as the more th12+s can provide with better troops and siege machines.)
- Active daily - This ensures that you see whether you are in war and other stuff like that.
- Attack in war - (to make this clan a high lvl we are going to need to win wars so plz do both your attacks if your in the war, thanks)

- Donate when you can (I understand if someone asks for an edrag or something that you don't have then you don't need to donate but plz donate when you can so all players are convinced that this is a good clan and they will stay. This is also how I tell whether your active or not.)
- Plz, be loyal to our clan by not hopping between clans!
- Read the clan mail! (This is very important as we will be communicating important information such as who will be getting the cwl.)
- Plz, be respectful and kind!


!!!! Now that you know the requirements, there is one more, MASSIVE, VERY DIFFICULT thing that remains to be done!

You just NEED to join.

p.s. Wait, that actually doesn't sound that hard to do.

HOPE TO SEE U THERE and can't wait to have someone to help me build this clan.

p.s.s The clan name - Elite Warriors - #2Y99CPCPU (the clan leader, me, is called "har har")