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    Okay, I’m in the mood to think outside the box here:

    Super Trouper: Similar to Party Wizard, but changes music specifically to ABBA

    Super Tactical Droid (a la Star Wars: The Clone Wars): Similar to Grand Warden except when within the aura, troops make more intelligent target choices and work towards the core.

    Super Healer: A reverse healer that heals air troops but walks on the ground, so she absorbs all the ground-only damage. Jumps walls and has high health.

    Superman: Okay, too silly even for me.

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    super balloon, basically make it a fast air troop dies upon impact. (could make it target defenses for a more niche def assassin, or resources to have another farm super troop)

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    I’d like to see a temporary power up of OTTO. You already have the master builder coming over to the main base to help build, why not OTTO to help out attack?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaxusPrime View Post
    I’d like to see a temporary power up of OTTO. You already have the master builder coming over to the main base to help build, why not OTTO to help out attack?

    yes super unbuilders

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    Super yeti that almost mimics the super witch

    Instead of lots of yetimites spawns one big yetimite at a time (max of 2/3 once certain amount of HP is lost) that does bounce damage to a number of defences (similar to RC shield). Has more HP and does more DPS.

    Super valk is more a ranged troop that boomerangs her axe to a 2/3 tile radius and does splash damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sudo3326User View Post
    I would prefer it to be more like the magic archer from Clash Royale. For those of you who don't know,imagine the giant cannon but with limited range
    ah yes! I could support if you meant "with UN-limited range" that would be cool, cloak of invisibility for limited time during which the range is unlimited and then she turns into regular archer after.

    And speaking of invisible, my comment had an invisible comma between arrows and hot, which was my way to ensure my post did not get us off topic. (Hoping the SC artists could see the invisible comma.)
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    what about a super healer and her abillity would be that she makes a small circle around her like grand warden and heal every troops that comes in that circle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ullaspn View Post
    Can someone decode this Statement
    He is stating that there has never been a statement confirming that these super troops are coming and that just because you see them in a video (creative license = creative imagination), it does not count as confirmation that they are coming.

    He also states that there has never been an official statement about what is coming and is trying to damp expectation.

    In other words: we have no idea what is coming!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    We do? Has this actually been confirmed anywhere or by anyone? Creative license in a cinematic video is one thing, but last I checked we've never actually confirmed what Super Troops are coming. :-)
    Actually....if we assume all super troops are coming eventually, technically they are on the way However, you do have a point maybe you will surprise us and i'm all for surprises
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    Originally Posted by BezG
    you really should have cut the bushes would've made your inferno tower look a lot bigger

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    Super Pekka who wears an infinity gauntlet. Simply snaps and destroys half of the bases defenses... creates real “balance” within the clash universe...

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