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    Previous Battles Vault

    I love to watch my best attacks in Clan Wars, Clan Leagues, etc. but I wish there was a way to save my best attacks. I suggest that there should be a battle vault where players can save their best 5 (or however many) attacks and be able to watch them whenever they want. This would allow players to benefit from seeing how they approached certain bases using specific strategies. The battles saved to the vault could have customizable titles to remember the occasion of the battle (i.e. Clutch War Win!). This would be a small but fun feature to allow players to reminisce on some of their greatest feats.

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    Yeah good idea. But i think that if you want to remember your attacks you should use screen recording so you can save it for memmories.

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    This isn't possible because attacks are only saved as a formula of placements and troop pathing.

    These are wiped out anytime changes are made to the game that affect AI, troop statistics, and a few other things.

    Your best bet would be to use your phones screen capture software and upload them to a person YouTube channel.

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