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    Quote Originally Posted by Muggaloo View Post
    I too have an orchard, where all my trees and coffee bushes are in certain size blocks, depending on the number of trees I have of each type. There are 2 path spaces between each block so the trees are not too close together, and I can see the trees when they’re in the smaller first stage of growth. When I’m in need of any fruit, I always collect a whole block of trees, so that block can stay the same size together. They also have to be facing the same direction. The direction each type of fruit tree faces depends on what looks most pleasing to me, I quess.

    Same for me too! As far as number of trees per type.....for me is 9. Know why? 😂 Because that's the number of saws Tom brings in one run! If I need more of that tree, I have another block of 9. Luckly, I now have a neighbor who sells me her extra saws. So I haven't needed to use Tom in a very long time. Still have my trees in groups of 9 though.
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    On tree OCD: in one more weird HayDay phenomenon, every one of my layouts place the plots and trees differently when “set as active”. I have not been able to figure out why. So I just changed my farm layout and the trees and bushes and plants I had neatly laid out in the last layout are all wonky. The plots at least are easily fixed after one harvest, but the trees and bushes...

    What Meo calls “laziness” I like refer to as “frustration”. 😁 At the moment, my frustration trumps my OCD so my farm is not the orderly place my brain usually demands. Brown and green trees at various stages of growth are all interspersed.

    Honest to God I’ve developed a trick of sliiiiding my eyes past them so that the OCD-induced anxiety does not kick in. Then I do what I have to do and get outta there!

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    Omg, great examples by all, I love it. I most like the one that change when you know it’s to be cut, great idea. This forum gives a lot of such great ideas, thank for sharing.

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    You’d go crazy bonkers on my farm To save coins and diamonds for machines and production slots, I rarely bought deco in the early stages of broke new farmer. I used the trees and bushes for deco instead, creating a naturalistic look, as if you stumbled into a fruit-laden forest with all the natural trees I could keep. I love the wild-orchard look so much, I’ve kept it that way. They grow in whatever direction I planted them, in small easy-to-harvest groups that blend in next to fruits of different kinds. I also use the trees to hide visually-stimulating, fast-moving machinery parts (I used to have seizures and don’t feel comfortable with some of the animations).

    The one thing that I do OCD? with, is I don’t like having thirsty or dead trees and bushes making my farm look “sick”. I gather all the fruit trees and berry bushes that need watering into one small corner of my farm. The farm looks vibrant and alive except for the one little plot waiting for flagging. It makes it much easier for my friends to find the flagged items (they don’t have to do a tedious time waste of hunting all over my farm for hard-to-find thirsty items). I also enjoy the side benefits: I have a space created, when I move thirsty ones, to plant the same species to keep my inventory up to date. I have a ready supply of easy to harvest for the last time fruits to chop as soon as I harvest them and they’re dead. If I stay on top of it that way, I have no problems keeping ample numbers of saws and axes, and don’t need to send Tom on saw/axe errands.

    I do keep the needing-to-be-watered nectar plants by the easy to find bee tree, so when they’re flagged and watered they remain close by the hives, and the bees don’t have to fly across the farm to far-away watered nectar bushes.
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    I do this too. Always must be sure that all the trees and bushes face the same direction, and that I have the same number of each, and when they die I immediately chop them down and replace them. For nectar and peanut bushes I also do the math so that when they die, honeycombs/peanuts are ready to collect (unfortunately this hasn't been working too well for me lately for some reason...)

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    Struggling with planting 2 trees or bushes at a time for farm pass tasks, where am I going to place them, and I thought back to this thread. How is everyone else tackling this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hdfid View Post
    Struggling with planting 2 trees or bushes at a time for farm pass tasks, where am I going to place them, and I thought back to this thread. How is everyone else tackling this?
    I have enough space in my farm to accomodate just 2 trees or 2 bushes. (Hey, by the way, the peanut bushes don't count as fruit bushes! But coffee bean bushes and nectar bushes do.)

    You might consider doing what I sometimes do....look at the fruits in my silo to see what I am low on and then harvest two to see whether any of the trees/bushes need to be chopped down and then I can replace them with the trees/bushes required by Farm Pass.

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    I plant my trees in cubes of 9 trees (3x3) and when needed, harvest the whole block. That way each block has uniform tree development. Very satisfying!

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