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Thread: Thinks I thought about!

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    Thinks I thought about!

    Ideas for Clash of Clans:

    In Clan:
    - <ruled out idea redacted>
    - Badges next to player names, like last months top donator, most active, most attacks done, etc...

    - adding a new type of day events, as unlimited (some type of) boost for 24hrs straight; adding more events that are worth grinding and not just using Troops that are cheaper than usual

    - In or out of Clan tournaments with special features
    - Those could be „base swap“, „townhall shoose“ or a „1 type of troop only“

    Builder Base:
    - Builder base clan wars!
    - The whole concept can also be similar to clash Royale where you have to collect troops and levels which you have to use in a final duel
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    Badges for profiles is a common request. I don't see the harm in it.

    Can you think of some kind of event? Anything vague like this isn't going to get the developers attention.

    If the tournaments are in clan then there should absolutely be no prizes involved otherwise it'd be too easy to manipulate and allow players to get free stuff if the rest of the clan throws the match.

    Builder base wars has been discussed in detail and there's no feasible way to make it work. See my in-depth analysis of it:
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    Ok, let's start from the beginning.
    1. About badges: I personally really like that idea too & think it may have been previously requested before. I'd be really happy if this idea gets implemented.

    2. Talking about events in gameplay. We're already having events in game which includes different types of events. Let me know if you have any specific suggestion for any particular type of events?

    3. Good idea with that tournament suggestion too, but please make sure it isn't posted before by searching it in the forum's.

    4. Builder base clan wars was already denied by Darian during an interview. He said "They don't want to make Builder base just like the normal village and it's not the right direction they want the builder base to go". So we might get something unexpected in the near future as builder base is completely different from its normal neighbouring village and it posses it's own features & rarity.

    I hope I was able to answer all, reply back if you have any further questions.
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    referring to the events, unlimited boosts for 24hrs, unlimited star bonus for 24hrs, keep clancastle troops for a limited time, etc. the main point I wanted to point out is bringing in a different type of event like we already have in multiple other events, which are actually worth grinding for and not just using a troop to get 1 boost. This would keep a lot of people more active and actually playing actively and not just attack, rebuild troops, go offline until my troops are done.

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    Ok lets talk on each and every request you asked;-
    1) Badge: personally that's a good idea but if somebody does things only for the badge then like say I donate whatever comes to my mind just because the clan is weak and I am the strong player and next is
    2)Event: Now getting a fresh 24 hour event is not an easy work and you try thinking an event daily for a month and note it down
    events are actually for special times and that's why it is called an event I guess
    3)Builder base wars: This is the worst idea in imagination cuz the builder base concept is fight against active players so huess what's the point, no cc
    Or any
    Now think of it

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