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    Quote Originally Posted by Ullaspn View Post
    The reason for cooldown is to help normal wallbreakers.If super wallbreaker is available all the time then you won't use normal wallbreaker and supercell doesn't want it to happen that way
    Well said.
    But I think most players wouldn't use gobs even when sg is cooling down.
    And funny fact is instead of fixing issues with WB they brought perfect version of them which aren't available all time.

    Like a better version of queen who can jump walls available for limited time;
    instead of fixing aq AI issues.😂
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    Seeing the demand of super wb everywhere and having a huge impact on war attacks as compared to other super troops, I think they will nerf it in future. Or just make other super troops more strong so that they can also be equally used in wars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaptain Kat View Post
    This is exactly the reason why there’s such a cool down in place. SC wants their players to experiment and try out other super troops too and without the cool down they’d just super size the same troop over and over again.
    IMO, SC probably needs to make balancing changes such that it either makes other super troops more attractive to use, or make super wbs less powerful. I would very much prefer the former. Never liked nerfs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yachi View Post
    IMO, SC probably needs to make balancing changes such that it either makes other super troops more attractive to use, or make super wbs less powerful. I would very much prefer the former. Never liked nerfs.
    The SW being so good is a bit two fold. Lots of players struggle to use regular WB properly and SW is almost fail proof making them strong. Furthermore other super troops are a little less straight forward to use and takes more time to lean.
    another reason why there’s such a cool down in place. If there wasn’t players simply pick their favorite and never change it.

    Im not saying all super troops are super well balanced however even balancing them differently still wouldn’t result in the cool down being taken away, chances are they’d be a lot weaker if the cool down was taken away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rahultarafdar View Post
    why u even bother answering when u cant respect the motive of the post.
    Edit :- U r free to answer my question rather than asking why i asked something!
    Whats the motivee of the post??
    For the later part you answered to your own qn thats why i asked what i asked

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ullaspn View Post
    You can 3 star max town hall 13 with 36 super barbarians with lightning
    Watch the video of judo sloth and carbon fin
    Apart from the fact that this is no way an answer to the OP, I invite you to come and triple my war base with 36 super barbarians and lighting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RH69 View Post
    Whats the motivee of the post??
    For the later part you answered to your own qn thats why i asked what i asked
    U r free to ignore my post .

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    Yeah, even though we know the answer, the question is still a good one.

    It shows real dedicated thought behind enhancing game play by SC.

    Supertroops add a new dimension to play, IMO they gave me opportunity to celebrate old troops with nostalgia in a way that gives more engagement to the game.

    It gives a mini-step between TH levels, in other words something else to work on, also incentive to upgrade certain troops, one more reason to keep going to TH12 to get more of them, and the troops themselves are surprisingly fun to use, very effective, and fun to donate to smaller TH.

    So--now to the interesting part of the question--why the cooldown.

    I just think it shows how big the gap is between game play with max TH and smaller growing ones who are pushing trophies. The game played by max players is a very different game than someone playing at TH11, and the Supers bridge that gap a little. But if TH11s were able to use them all the time, it creates another gap for lower TH.

    Testimonial: supertroops with cooldown adds an innovative way to help me get resources faster, be more competitive with higher TH, and keeps me playing without making it feel like I'm cheating.
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    Super troops seemed like they would be amazing at first. I dabbled in practice with them, but the only one I found useful in my main army is wall breakers. I tried goblins, but their best use was donating to my alt for blimp town hall snipes. Too niche for me to use.

    I wanted to like inferno dragons, but i don’t like that the baby dragon is unavailable while using. I use the baby dragon frequently to set a funnel or force a direction change. While i could sort of do it with inferno, 20 housing is better than 30. Spaced properly the baby dragons make quick work on outside structures.

    The cool down and lockout makes things weird. I have an army where I’m using a particular troop, but next week, I need to use something else. Why? Just because. So I wait the week and when I’m ready, I unlock what I want to use. Force fitting something in my preferred armies doesn’t help, and a cool down won’t change that.

    So the cool down that is to promote choice doesn’t do that at all for me. If I had better options or if the regular troops weren’t locked away, I wouldn’t mind cycling through. But as it stands, my options are limited.

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    The cooldown does not encourage me to use the other super troops at all. The only one I use is the SW. Once that is done, I have a super-free week, and go back to a more simple yeti army (I use the SW with qc hybrid).

    I get that there is a cooldown. But yea... maybe a way to - at least to some extent - ‘bypass’ it could be an option? For example, if the SW’s just ended, you can enable them again, but it’ll cost twice as much. This price keeps going down for a week until it reaches the normal price.

    Just an idea, which would need tweaking and limitations of itself, but yeah.

    Tl;dr - cooldown doesn’t want me to use the other supers. I’d rather not use them for a week.

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