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    Quote Originally Posted by Sudo3326User View Post
    Not everyone can login often enough to gain that much de + heroes.I for one am only able to put down only one hero with de I have.

    I really don't know as I'm no th 13.
    You do realize that its a choice right? If YOU cannot gain enough de personally for both then how is that anyone elses problem? That's like saying I can't farm enough de for my king and queen to be upgrading at the same time so no one else should be able to have more then one hero down lol. Just upgrade a hero and wait to get enough de for the super troop or vise-versa, its your choice. No one would be forcing you to do both lol

    Edit: It would also make others who can do both happy.

    Troops not being used is a normal part of the game, if they aren't strong at any TH level then they won't be used plain and simple.
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    you really should have cut the bushes would've made your inferno tower look a lot bigger

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    I honestly think that the cooldown PREVENTS people from experimenting with new super troops, and is the main reason why Super Wallbreakers are so preferred. There are a couple super troops that I have used once and could see myself using in my war attacks - but if I can't control when I have them available, and be able to practice with them regularly, then I end up just ignoring them altogether.

    I think the main reason that Super wallbreakers are so popular is that they are the only super troop that you can tolerate not being able to control when you have them up, since they just a straight upgrade to a commonly used normal troop with no major changes in attack strategy or rest of your army composition.

    If you ask me, they really should remove the cooldown and also implement the ability to cancel a troop purchase (with no refund of DE). Then you would actually see a variety of troops used instead of just super wallbreakers

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    I hear all this super wallbreaker ♥♥♥♥ but have yet to be even 2 starred by anyone using them.. actually the super witch is the only super troop to have 3 starred my base or even high 2 starred it.. but I am around 5400 trophies right now so not too high..
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    Quote Originally Posted by porky1122 View Post
    Even a 6 day cooldown would be better than the current 7 whilst maintaining the rare effect of the super troop.

    As of now, you need to time it perfect if you want to use the Super troop of your liking outside of CWL. In particular, the super Wall Breakers

    Week 1 - CWL week
    Use Super Wallbreakers

    Week 2
    Cool down

    Week 3
    Use Super Wallbreakers again for practice.

    Week 4
    Cool down

    Week 5 - CWL week

    Super Wallbreakers available again.

    Under the current 7-day cooldown, missing days in activating the super wallbreakers during week 3 can result in you not having them available for the start of the second CWL.
    Or you can stop activating the Super Wallbreaker in week 3 so that you will have your Super Wallbreaker for Week 5 CWL if you feel Super Wallbreaker so important for your CWL attacks. What I did to Inferno Dragon for CWL. Usually you will have busy schedule in Week 3-4 doing the Clan Games too, not much time to practice anyway.

    It will be the same if you make it 6 days you still won't have full 7 days of Super Wallbreaker in your CWL since CWL span about 7-8 days (you are missing 1-2 war in CWL)
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    Quote Originally Posted by toofinedog View Post
    How about no cooldown but you can’t select the same troop twice in a row, and activating a new troop supersedes the current selection if active (still a seven day max activation).
    I can get behind that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aybe View Post
    If you don't have a cool down, you will keep using one super troop continuously...

    Like most of the people will keep using super WBs or Sneaky Goblins. And normal gobs or wall breakers will be totally out of the game. SC doesn't want that in my opinion
    Which just goes to show that the rest of the super troops are inferior to the super wb and sneaky goblin.If the rest were good having no cd wouldn't be an issue as people would choose different super troops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBJandJTG View Post
    I hear all this super wallbreaker ♥♥♥♥ but have yet to be even 2 starred by anyone using them.. actually the super witch is the only super troop to have 3 starred my base or even high 2 starred it.. but I am around 5400 trophies right now so not too high..
    Yes during CWL my clan's all town hall 13 bases were destroyed by super witch armies.
    They are quite powerful

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    sneaky gobs are the best. Farming with them is so easy (if you don’t care about trophies). WBs are good, but I haven’t used them in forever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaptain Kat View Post
    This is exactly the reason why there’s such a cool down in place. SC wants their players to experiment and try out other super troops too and without the cool down they’d just super size the same troop over and over again.

    LOL! This purpose that players are going to experiment different super troops because of cool down makes no sense to me. Why??

    The thing is it requires good amount of dark to activate dark troops plus there is minimum level needed so mostly max th13 players with max heroes or very active players who's farming dark every day can actually activate ST regularly but still are they using all super troops just because there is a cool down.... Answer is NO

    Most player activates Super gobs or Super WB only. At least in my clan as well as all the clan we have played normal & cwl war, I never seen any other super troops then SGobs or SWB. And reason is very simple behind this that these two troops are useful in loot as well as war attacks but that's not the case with other troops. Not every1 is good at witch attack or the other super troops have very situational use.

    But if there is no cool down then player can actually use other troops as par situation. Like if I find war base good for sup. witch attack then I will think about activate them. Same with other troops. So rather than this cool down I prefer high dark value to cook these super troops are much better. Like To cook 1 troop = 1-5k dark for 1-10 housing space troops, 6-10k dark for 11 to 20 HS troops etc. ( amount of dark is just for suggestion ) OR may be other better solution needed for this for players to actually use all super troops.

    Sorry for my english, not my main language but I hope you got my point.

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