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Thread: Dealing with trolls

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaBBjt View Post
    Don't take new-tagged players in wars and tell that when they request to get in war. Most of these them don't have patience to hide their true colors before tag wearing out.
    Agreed. I have never met a decent clan member who would balk at not being included in war until they had shown their character. I have met plenty of horrid members who yip as if you had cut off their right hand when denied the ability to war.

    If they are worth keeping, they will wait.
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    Always check new players with ClashOfStats to see their clan history. You should be able to tell right away if they jump clans. Also, let them know they need to hang out a bit before participating in a war. If they are a good fit they will stick around and wait. If not, then not the right person for your clan.

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