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Thread: Rocks and Cows is building a team

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    Daily bump

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    Another week, another derby cup. What are you waiting on?

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    Next derby starts in 16 hours. Who wants in?

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    Sent you a pm

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    PM sent back

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    8 in the hood currently, Still room for a few more

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    Hello, would you by any chance be interested in our derby, (Boredom Strikes) my friend and I have recently got back into playing Hay Day heavily and have been working hard. We had originally never done derbies until recently now, we have had back to back derby wins and we are in the Pro league just under the champs league. The reason I am reaching out to the community is that I would love to know if anyone would like to join our neighborhood so we can compete at the next level and have active players in our neighborhood to help out and contribute and also win. My friend and I have been doing it on our own and were winning still but I think it would be fun with players that actually enjoyed the game also, our neighborhood is called (Boredom Strikes) I'm a level 35 and my friend is a level 45. I know it may seem low but trust me we play religiously and grind out and get all of our individual 320 points task done every-time.Please respond if you would like to join thank you very much!

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