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Thread: ipad mini v1

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    ipad mini v1

    Dusted off my old ipad mini. I stopped using it 2+y ago, because I had dropped it, and the only damage was the power button (you cant turn it off or on, via the power button). [The home button suffices for power on]

    So, I let it update CoC, and lo and behold, it was eminently usable.

    According to wikipedia, this was released in 2012. So, 8y later...its still usable/viable. (Yes, it was slightly sluggish for clash but usable).

    I have android phones going back that far - too much dust and pain to be worth resuscitating, but I doubt any of them will even download the update (google play store went through so many iterations), and the memory of the day probably isnt good enough.

    So, who can beat this? Whats the oldest device, playing CoC?

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    I have had lots of tablets over the years none of them lasted longer then a few months meanwhile my mini ipad 4 is still going strong on this game doubt it will last much longer though as none of the current apps is even compatible with it anymore only clash and hayday still works on it and still allows updates to work
    yes my english writing skills are rubbish and lacks punctuation i am very well aware of this so please keep all comments and pm clash related all i want to do is chat not be reminded how poor my education is thanks

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    Some time i play on my 5 inch j3(2016)

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    It works fine on my gionee p3 a 2013 model with 512 mb ram. Just fine. Not that good to do war attacks with it.
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    Still playing on my Oneplus 3(2016), mostly. Changed devices more than a couple times and still play on about 3 other much newer devices, but this one feels the most comfortable to me to play CoC.
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    I am still playing on an IPadMini 2, from time to time, a mini used as a clan-anchor, still with iOS 9.
    It suffice for that low th-level attacks, but trying to replay th12-13 brings a lot of lagging, and freezes.
    I wouldn’t try to play my th13 on it. Even opening the app, or sending chats is painful, tbh.

    Ps: i have permanently plugged my iPod Touch 2 with iOS4 (cannot upgrade to higher version) into my car as a Music hosting device, that thing has no speakers, no volume button... just on/off and home (plus wifi). I have never played a game on that very small screen, and the battery is long dead, but not needed as it is wired in.

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