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    Quote Originally Posted by ExploringGalaxy View Post
    I said "most" not "all". Also my clan is much better and so i expect some others to be.
    But if you see the level of toxicity then most of the indian clans are at top in this case. I recommend you to give a visit on some random clans.
    Clan such as are spread across the globe, need to find the right one. If you don't like the clan the way they behave, you have the option to leave the clan and report. Let it go.

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    Are you gonna be okay, OP? It must have hurt you a lot. Such atrocities in the world.
    One advice from me would be to increase soy content in you diet. I did that and it helps.

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    I am guessing the name the OP didn't cross out is their name. It's interesting that the OP is still in the clan that bullied them.

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