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Thread: ~~New Clan Recuiting!~~ Coastal Crew

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    ~~New Clan Recuiting!~~ Coastal Crew

    Whatís up! Welcome to Coastal Crew! (ID #29VYJU9UY)
    We are a new fully active clan (8/10/2020) that clan wars, clan games, and war leagues!

    About us:
    🌊 We are looking for active players with a good attitude to join our group.
    🌊 Any townhall levels considered and happy to take groups of players.
    🌊 Wewar 2-3 times a week, do Clan Games, and participate in clan war league.
    🌊 We welcome all USA/Canada English speaking so we can communicate during wars and chat about surf, SUP, beaches, ocean, music (currently hooked on Iration) and sports!
    🌊 Leader and one co leader are teachers who work together in California

    What you can expect from us:
    🌊 Solid, active, reliable players
    🌊 Mature but fun environment
    🌊 Great team spirit
    🌊 Plenty of support for base design ideas, attack strategies, and growth strategies
    🌊 Constant wars. Straight from one to the next as best as possible. (wars will start based off PST)
    🌊 Fair play clan, attack mirror and +\- 1

    What we require:
    🌊 English speaking players who are able to be mature from any USA timezone (wars will start based off PST)
    🌊 Honest, reliable players who are active, donate regularly and request regularly, don't have any ego, don't miss war attacks

    A few of our rules:
    🌊 USA English only in chat
    🌊 Both attacks used in war
    🌊 Aim to max Clan Games
    🌊 Be sensible with donations, try to keep it around 1:1
    🌊 Have fun, be active and have a laugh and above all, communicate.
    🌊 Promotions are earned through effort
    🌊 Unable to follow above = kicked 🤙🏽

    As of 8/10 here is the leaderís info for donations (start of TH11):
    Barbarian: Level 8
    Archer: Level 8
    Giant: Level 6
    Goblin: Level 5
    Wall Breaker: Level 4
    Balloon: Level 7
    Wizard: Level 6
    Healer: Level 4
    Dragon: Level 6
    P.E.K.K.A.: Level 5
    Baby Dragon: Level 1
    Miner: Level 1
    Electro Dragon: Level 2
    Minions: Level 1
    Hog Rider: Level 3
    Valkyrie: Level 1
    Golem: Level 1
    Witch: Level 1
    Lava Hound: Level 1
    Bowler: Level 1
    Lighting Spell: Level 8
    Heal Spell: Level 4
    Rage Spell: Level 5
    Jump Spell: Level 1
    Freeze Spell: Level 6
    Clone Spell: Level 1
    Poison Spell: Level 1
    Earthquake Spell: Level 2 (level 3 in the works)
    Haste Spell: Level 1
    Skeleton Spell: Level 1
    Bat Spell: Level 1

    Barbarian King: Level 31 (level 32 in works)
    Archer Queen: Level 37 (level 38 in works)
    Grand Warden: Level 7 (level 8 in works)

    Leaderís ID to check out troops and base: #LRRLVGQPG

    Leaderís Alt ID for rushing to th12 for donations:

    Leader also gets gold pass for 1 gem donations to help ya!

    Copy and paste the clan code to join! Or search
    Coastal Crew (Leader is BSmith Co Leader 906)
    Welcome to your new home!

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    first bump! 3 members away from starting war!

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