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Thread: Th12 needs clan(will join after CWL ENDS)

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    Want a friendly clan?
    Want a clan to show your skills in war?
    Want donations?
    Want to learn strategies?

    Then no need to worry. Just type the tag
    [#2PC8R889Q] and join our clan.

    We are growing very fastly and wants you to contribute in our journey.


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    Hey !—-basic info: #2Q8CJU9U —USA/mostly—holding crystal l—lvl 17

    - we hit reliably in war & clan games
    - full time play for Th12 & 13 CWL spots avail, we only need a few ppl
    - we have a Kik group if interested
    - active CO spots available (after a few weeks)
    - we max clan games
    - we donate (max) quickly
    - we are accepting anyone regardless of location, race, gender, or political views

    Know- if you are below TH 12-13, you may not be able to CWL due to us aiming for masters. But we would love having ya either way.

    🙂 come check us out. We are laid back, open to ideas, & level headed.
    All in all, you can make a difference on our team & it would awesome : )

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    Coc masters just sent an invite

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    Oregon USA

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    let me know if still looking. can clear a spot for you in our clan (Clan Tag #GU2L99JR)

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    New Th9 lookin for clan!(maxed th8)

    Hey i need a clan.Tag- #9CGP0G2C9
    I also have a yt channel-
    Make sure to invite me!

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    We at StarLight provide you with whatever you need to get better at CLAN WARS and CWLs.

    Base links? Attack strategies? Videos to improve your skills for all things related to clan wars?

    Yes, we have them all covered.

    Friendly challenges? Experienced players to help you grow?

    Yes and yes.

    Do you need someone to help you out in planning your war attacks?

    Yes, we have people who’ll be happy to help out. All you have to do is ask.

    And we have all of this accessible by each and every member of our clan through our discord server.

    We use discord as a library/archive/training platform/school for clan wars. You can call it whatever you like, but the purpose is to help each and every member of the clan to get better at clan wars.

    Along with that, we use discord to organise wars, do polls to get opinions of our members for various things like if people want all TH7 war or something, and remind people to do their war attacks in case they have forgotten.

    We are,

    • A war clan. We do back-to-back clan wars.
    • We emphasise on fun and friendship over your trophy count. We are like a family and the clan is like our home away from home.
    • An International clan and preferred language of communication is English.
    • A small clan, but we will grow quickly. And we would like to grow with you.

    Clan rules:

    • Be respectful towards others. Friendly banter is encouraged.
    • Do BOTH attacks in war. EVEN IF we are losing the war.
    • Since discord allows us to learn and grow as a team, it is MANDATORY to JOIN the discord server and keep an ACTIVE discord account. Server link:
    • Only THREE accounts allowed per person.

    Check us out:
    Clan tag: #2PU2CLLC9
    Clan discord server:

    If you’re interested, join our discord server:

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    S O M E W H E R E under T H E ☀️
    Clan for all! Level 4 clan recruiting! High level troops!

    Now Recruiting/Rebuilding

    Our Story:
    We started off as a group of three friends who wanted to experience the leadership of a clan and with a clear vision in mind: A chill but competitive, cool but friendly, war clan. We had a wonderful start, reaching 50/50 members in less than 48 hours. The members were all loyal to the clan, and we began to play 40vs40 wars within a week. We won every single of those wars, leading by a huge score, getting 110+ wars out of 120 every war. Using the XP, we reached level 2 in under a week. The clan chat was among the best, and soon we had a long list of members who couldn't join the clan just because there was no space. So, we split into two clans, one for Townhall 1-8 and the other for Townhall 9-13. But both the clans got filled soon and we had no choice but to split again. Soon, there were 8 good clan, 2 each led by one leader. But nothing lasts forever. About 25 accounts(combined, in 8 clans)were owned by a person and his friends. They planned to destroy the family. They slowly made the members believe that the clan is bad. They slowly began kicking members, telling that they broke the rules/argued. We believed them, as they were one of the first people to join the invaders family, but right after a week; March 2020 they kicked out all elders/members from the clan when the leaders were asleep. They destroyed the clan descriptions, clan settings, posted very rude things in the clan etc. They also made an alt co and kicked the members whom another co reinvited and rejoined. We merged, re-invited etc, but they kept harassing us with their countless alts. That was the end of the whole clan family. Soon, the rest of the co-leaders and the leader himself, lost confidence in the clan. 4 of the clans were deleted, 2 were handed over to other people(out of which the main feeder is running successfully now, run by another person) and the main clan was handed over to an alt of the leader and closed. The council split in search of better pastures.

    So, whats up now?:
    The leaders joined and experienced high level clans, and how they were run. We realized the mistakes, that we had previously made. We grew our accounts and became more capable. We helped many clans to grow and finally, we decided to try to revive our own clan. Yesterday, the 3 leaders met back in the clan with the goal of taking the clan back to all of its honor and greatness. We are a level 4 clan currently, with 11 members including a Townhall 12, a Townhall 11 and 2 Townhall 8s. The first war was started too, with 5 members opted in. We would be grateful, if you join the clan and help us achieve our goals.

    OK, But what should I do to join?
    Just join! The tag of the clan is given at the top. All are accepted, whether you are a Townhall 3 or a Townhall 13. You wont be kicked, as long as you follow all the rules and is active at least once a day. We are a global bunch, with members from all over the world. Donations are a given.

    What you can expect:
    >Obviously, we are not as competititive as Tribe Gaming, but we try to be as serious as can be.
    >No donation ratios to be cared about. You wouldnt be kicked even if you donate 0 troops and requst 5,00,000. We are happy to donate whichever troop that you may request.
    >No discord. All strategies, assigning of war targets, etc are done in the clan chat.
    >We have always given elder for free, and we will continue to do so.
    >Those who request for co-leadership would be kicked immediately.
    >No bossing here. All are equal. Elders are given as much importance as the leader, here. Townhall 3s are respected as much as Townhall 13s.
    >The clan chat is a bit inactive currently, but soon it would be live and kicking.
    >Those who spam/kick/be rude etc are kicked immediately.
    >Those who are inactive for a week without saying so are demoted to member. After one more week, they are kicked.
    >Those who havent used at least one of their attacks in war wont be taken in the next war.
    >Hoping to see you in the clan!
    Thank you,TerMinus Prime(TP) for this signature!

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    You can check us out.

    Clan tag: #80Q2G8UC
    Clan Level: 18

    2 15v15 CWLs- Masters 1 & Crystal 1

    Hero Requirements:
    TH12: 110 (AQ+BK), 25 (GW)
    TH13: 130 (AQ+BK), 35 (GW)

    Join us on discord:
    Thunderbird (#9G9C9G8Y)- TH13- Lvl 246- Leader of Invictus Beasts

    Invictus Beasts: Lv18 FairPlay farming/ donating clan - Optional relaxed wars - High donations
    Apply in-game OR through Discord @Thunderbird#8865

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    Ash's Side��
    Name: Game of Thrones
    Level 12 clan, with a war Streak of 11!

    Clan Origin India

    We are STRICTLY Looking for maxed or near Maxed Town Hall 13's Only

    We are Active 24/7, Maxed donations All available, Highly TALKATIVE CLAN. And yes, Mark my words, this is NOT in any Form a Hypocrisy. You may join and see for yourself, that yes, it is what I say it is.

    Crystal League I


    Back to Back wars

    Intrested Players May DM me
    Or Join Our discord Server:

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