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    Too Many Bunny Derbies?

    Does anyone else feel we have had too many Bunny Derbies lately?

    We are a competitive hood and we like our Derby rewards whether they be from Top 3 finish, Bunny lines or Bingo lines. Last week we caught 3 bunnies and just managed to hold on to second place. This week was tougher and we had to forfeit the third bunny to stand any chance of being in the top 3. Having to forfeit rewards pulls the hood in different directions and causes friction. I don't mind the occasional Bunny Derby but there have been too many of them since they was introduced.

    I also feel the timing of the Bunnies (especially the second and third bunnies) significantly favour a fast finish for hoodies in American time zones who are able to complete two or 3 bunny tasks before bedtime. The opposite is true for people in the far east and Australia who are sleeping when the bunnies arrive and have a few hours to sleep until morning. Randomly generated bunny times would create a more level playing field, and be fairer to people in all parts of the world. It is a problem that needs addressing.

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    I love the bunny derbies, keep them coming. On a regular derby I have a chance to win 2 scrolls in prizes. In bunny derby I have a chance to win 5 scrolls. Opening all that land seems like an eternity away but getting more than 2 scrolls per week certainly makes it more attainable

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    Love the bunny derbies. One way to get land permits.

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    I do think there are too many bunny derbies but I do like the extra prizes to chose from. My hood opts for 3 bunnies over top 3 finish for that reason.

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    No I think they had a nice little bonus, but we would never consider catching a bunny more important than competing for gold.
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    Yes, too many bunny derbies! The timing with mystery derbies is already challenging, since you donít know what task youíre going to get. The extra bonuses are nice, but all the bunny derbies just feel like punishment at this point. I have to constantly set timers, and itís removing a lot of freedom from people who canít check their phone constantly during the day. In the evening (when they are online) if they miss bunny time, they have to wait an extra 1.5 hours, so thereís only a very limited window for them to participate fully.

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    Love the bunny derby, extra rewards without extra work. Just watch the timer and take a task when the bunny comes.

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    I love the bunny derbies. As a small hood of 3 members, all of whom work, we can never get into the top 3. For us the extra rewards for the 3 bunnies are well worth going for. As stated by others, bunny rewards are a good way of getting some land expansion scrolls.

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    I love the bunny derby, easy to get extra prizes and stuff is rewarding, including the extra scrolls. Thanks

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    Since I usually derby solo, the bunny derbies work well for me because while the other teams are waiting for "bunny time", I play it like a regular derby and am able to get to the finish line faster than the majority I'm competing against. My goal isn't to get the extra rewards, but if I catch some bunnies in my normal play (which I usually do), then great!

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