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Thread: Looking for clan for my mini (TH5)

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    Looking for clan for my mini (TH5)

    Online daily looking for an active clan for my TH5 account. My main is a TH10 and yes ik how the game works blah blah blah not a noob xD

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    Join us. Most of us also connect daily

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    Quote Originally Posted by mindi65 View Post
    Join us. Most of us also connect daily
    The clan requirment is TH8 minimum. Would need an invite. My tag is #LUUQQ9Q2L if you decide to. Thanks

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    Hey There
    We would love to have you in our clan.
    We are a lvl 4 clan with helpful and respectful members . We do our best in clan wars and leagues and max our clan games.

    There are instant donations.
    There is no pressure to do 3 stars ,just try your best.

    We are growing very fastly and would love to have your co operation in our journey.

    Check our clan battlefield [#2pc8r889q]

    If you are unable to join, send a friend request to the leader.


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    You can join us n help us grow if u want

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    Coastal Crew! (ID #29VYJU9UY)

    We are a group of friends who are about chilling and playing! Any TH welcome!

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    For TH12 and Lower
    Great place to bring your Alt
    Adult Humor and Conversation

    evilNAPKiNS BM8
    Join Us!

    A Fair Play Clan
    Clan tag: #28CVVCYUL
    Little Brother to the famous evilNAPKiNS BMF Clan

    "Active players are valued over all else!"

    Where and Adult can be an Adult!
    For those age 21 or older.

    Adult humor and conversations are always welcome
    We don't know Drama!
    Aside from that just come have a good time with great people!!

    1. Visit our website

    - On the website you will be able to find out more about us.

    2. Click here to become a member of our communication system

    -From there you will able to talk to the Leader and Co-Leaders.


    Contact us through our web site
    Clan tag: #8VGR9LRV
    Our Recruiting Thread

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    Yo we’re restarting a level 3 clan and are recruiting all levels of players, feel free to check us out.
    Clan name is War Time,
    tag is #20V9L0JQC
    War is optional

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    Hey there ,
    I need people like you for my new clan also i m a youtuber if you want to join our family then it is our clan tag #29L8QCU28 join us like a family member thank you

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