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Thread: Are the Req n leave clans alive?

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    Are the Req n leave clans alive?

    Previously I used to go to these to get random troops, passively active in the game nowadays. Is it the same case now or did the new clan mechanism killed them?
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    Invictus group is well and alive. A bunch of other that I have bookmarked are all looking good and active.

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    Some are dead and some are working nice, just use clan level filter atleast on 18 to find a working/active req n leave clan.

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    I have bookmarked a clan, where they do 20L average per player

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    Based on my experience, there's still quite a few active req n leave clans

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    There are 5-6 superbly active clans still in the business who are doing really well. As others said , Invictus are still the rocking big boys and there are some others of more than level 15 where donations are available ,maybe 24/7 . After the new donation request system they might have lost a few portion of active reinforcement receivers but still they are helping many players all over the world.

    You may think the advanced request system may ruin their free donation policies but after all it doesn't . Because nowadays whenever you join one of such clans , you may notice that the staff are constantly writing that NO BOX REQUEST meaning that they are forbidding you not to use advanced system of requesting . But you can still request via advanced one if and only if you are asking for giants or loons as these troops are mostly likely to get inside the clan castle . In that case they won't mind and they will donate but requesting for something like 1 valk, 2 bowler , baby dragons etc. will get you kicked as they won't be wasting their gems for donating or rearrange the queue for donating just one person. Some clans write the rules like only giant and loons in the description . But after all who are regular in receiving from them know the rules and do what they say .

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    They are alive and kicking. The bookmarks of one of my accounts is filled with those :-)

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