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Thread: Automated progress

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    Don't expect more than a couple of hero levels to be done. But that, some spell upgrades (3 researches I believe I got), a level or two of the EA (TH12) and some more upgrades is all together is quite a bit of help.

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    just opened up an old 6.. unfortunately was close to max for level.
    got to hit my own village, with self replenishing troops.
    barracks and spell factory have boosted for 5 days..
    A level added to 2x mortars and air sweeper.. completely max for level now, so as darian commented, nothing added that isnt already down.
    lab was already complete.
    Collectors and loot cart full.

    Hall upgrade is usual 2 days to th7 tho.. Was hoping for reduced time.

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    it will help players having multiple accounts and busy

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    What the Fluff! I seriously did not know about this! Seems like joining the forums has been a boon for me.

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