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    Book of everything!

    Quick question to everyone, When was the last time you received a BOOK OF EVERYTHING for free ?
    When I mean free I meant not in any $$Deals or trader or Gold pass. Just asking because 2 years ago we used to get it atleast from the clan games and quite occasionally in events, But after coming back to the game I feel like its rarest thing nowdays ? I get that we do receive other books here and there but still

    Also this thread is not asking for Books to be more often just trying to get a reason why it went so rare

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    BoE has always been the rarest free book. Usually comes up in CG one per year, often in the 75k their of anniversary clan games. I don’t recall it being offered in events before but maybe it has.
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    Years ago!! Sc doesnt now seem to want to offer it for free ..just gold pass.

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    From the trader free deals i wished to have a book of heroes or evrything free. Book of building to be fair seems useless to me . Supercell need to increase book of heroes and book of everything offer

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    A looooong time ago. Every so often there’s a really good deal on them.

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    I asked this same question awhile back and here's the thread on that:

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    I love all of the free items we DO receive. Honesty, I'm always pleasantly suprised whenever I see a free training potion being offered by the trader.

    The Boe is the rarerst book in clash, so I wouldn't hold my breath as I wait for a free one. The shop offers Boe, from time to time, as part of value deals, so I purchase them with the understanding that they are a rare item.

    Something has to cost money....why not a book that does everything.

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    Think i saw it 2 times in the last 2 years, in something else then money. Side shop daily deals one time, cant remember second time being to long.

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    It's so rare that I forget it exists.

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    its very rare book, It may appear once in a year. I too don't remember

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