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Thread: Lost the Clan kindly help

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    Unhappy Lost the Clan kindly help

    we had a clan named Kudandai (#YCLULOGY),
    None of us are playing for few months, and when we return to the game some random player is leader of the our clan and the clan is inactive as of now and its closed, kindly help us get back our clan.

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    Leadership is passed on to the highest and longest-serving active member of that clan. If he has gone inactive, there is nothing that you can do about it. Start a new clan with your friends, recruit actively and level it up :-)
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    Noone here can help you. SC Support are the only ones who can and it is most unlikely they will do anything.

    It is most unlikely that it is a random player who is leader, but the last coleader or elder who was still in the clan when the leader had been absent for more than 90 days.

    If you have been off for so long... then don't be surprised.
    Easiest way is to make a new clan. Particularly if you are all motivated.

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    Support is not going to get involved and contacting them will simply tie up resources that could be helping others and delay the OP from finding a new clan or starting a new one.

    Next time do not leave a clan with inactive leadership for over 90 days or anyone in a position of Elder and above that you don't have ready access to.
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    Starting a new clan will be a good idea

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