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Thread: I need help to build my clan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickey26392 View Post
    Thank you for your reply.

    That is my goal. To create a platform to help every member of my clan get better and better, everyday. Such platform needs time to build and people (most people) don’t like changes, so it’s better to implement such things right from the start.

    And like you said, with discord there’s no excuses.

    I have already started to provide good attack strategies for several THs. In the next two days, I’ll start providing base links as well.
    So what recruitment suggestions could folk actually give you, since your way forward is already planned, and the foundations are permanent eg Discord is and will remain mandatory?.
    Only other suggestions one could give would be pertaining to actual recruitment sites, rather than clan building strategies.

    With this in mind, it strikes me that your clan rules need not have been divulged with your OP, unless of course its an attempt to run a recruitment thread within the Clan Talk section..
    In that case, we have a level 14 clan with 49 members.. Any max 13s that can give any suggestions on how to grow, are more than welcome to join

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    I have joined this clan recently and yes discord was a problem

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    Discord and Reddit (r/clashofclansrecruit) helped me a bunch for recruitment. Forums is actually quite saturated but works occasionally. Just keep bumping and have faith. Donít be too selective at first, accept anyone with a fair amount of attacks won this season.

    Maybe consider using the in game recruitment I think it favours newer clans, I definitely had a lot of success with it initially but not anymore.

    I also use clashchamps to recruit but it hasnít been very successful so far.

    Discord servers I recommend are Clash with Eric, CarbonFin, ClashRecruit and of course the official CoC server (a lot more saturated but also a lot more guys looking for clans.)

    Instead of making discord mandatory to apply, we just highly encourage new members to download it instead. That way you arenít cutting people from the clan. If they refuse, theyíre probably not gonna be amazing members anyways.
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