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    Lol the "irrelevance/insignificance" keeps on popping up when we're talking about these kinds of issues, why not just ask SC to start the game from Th10?, as far as I can see, TH9 and below are irrelevant now based on such responses. Why having the trouble if we can start somewhere at 7 8 9 or 10? well after all they are irrelevant, so as the new players right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thegreatpuma View Post
    You said twice on page 6 that reducing donation level would not make attacking more difficult. Here: and here:
    I've repeatedly explained why that was wrong. My point holds for any townhall level vs any other, level is irrelevant. I was simply using a specific example with my small accounts because the conversation got moved toward that way back then.
    I did, and that's not the same as making attacking 'easier' as what you claimed about my post.
    I simply said it will make attacking the same level of difficulty as how it was in the past, not more difficult, and not easier. As in the past we don't have high level CC Troops, restricting high level CC troops won't make it more difficult than how it was in the past. In your example of TH6, you said that TH6 will still be able to 3 star TH6 even if you replace those level 10 Hogs with level 7, and I agreed have no issue with that or Clan Perks.

    Then you go on to state that TH6 should continue to use level 10 Hogs as it give TH6 the ability to 3 star TH7, which I don't agree to because it was never designed for a TH6 to have the ability to 3 star TH7.

    So let me ask you, do you firmly think that it's natural a TH6 should have the ability to 3 star TH7 ?
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    Hi. Beeing a long time player, I agree.
    I don't say it's good or bad.
    It's different from the time when as a TH10 player, you had to fight against another TH10 base, with CC filled with your level troops, without any siege machine.
    Now, the game is simple up to TH9 a long as you have TH13 troops in CC, and in TH10 (and up to some extent in TH11) as long as you also received a siege machine.

    I assume it's a way to acquire new (casual) players.

    The game now starts at TH12, and complexity at TH13

    From my experience, game is really unbalanced in builder base.
    An old time player with an advanced BH9 doesn't feel it, but with a newer account, you kickly reach a point where MM put you against an advanced BH9 base (beeing BH7 or 8), then you cant do nothing. It's frustating, since there is no match. You have to play a lot, just to have a bunch of valid duels.

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