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Thread: Please make all wars one attack like cwl

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adarsh92090 View Post
    He can come to my clan because I clear all opponents bases by my own he don't have to attack then 😁
    Looks like i am not alone doing this

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    That would be terrible for new players.

    Classic war allows established clans to introduce new players, low town hall levels. The bottom end can enjoy war without pressure.

    In CWL, low end accounts are uncompetitive and basically canít be included if you are seriously trying to win.

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    No. Part of the strategy is planning cleanup with the second attack. I like getting a double 3 "six pack". Why take that away?

    Also, if a clan is very competitive, they may want to win all their wars. If we only have 1 attack, then only the absolute best players can be in the war. With 2 attacks each, we can invite some noobs into the war, and still cover for them.
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