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Thread: The Decoration Delivery

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    The Decoration Delivery

    Well, I thought to myself one day, why not, in the neighborhood section, have a new building that you can repair, called the Decoration Delivery. You would simply put the decoration into the slot, send it to your neighborhood member, and whoosh, it's been sent off. Now, I did read the terms, but it didn't say anything about decorations, only items, which is different (or am I just wrong?!) I think this would be a great feature, because many people play for their farm's looks, while others focus much more on the economic side of things, which would leave a good opportunity to just send your friend some spare stuff. I myself also have 4 Mr. Gnomes lying around in storage that's my neighborhood members may want.

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    Flea market would be great. Not only for your neighborhood, for all. Once a week. Yeah. Why not...

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