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Thread: Show Probabilities of Winning Derby Threshold Rewards

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    You allow us to see the probability of winning rewards elsewhere in the game (prior to shuffling Greg’s RSS, selecting mystery pkgs from the gift catalog, unlocking mystery chests), so I’m asking if u could also add the dice icon somewhere in the derby rewards window so we can see the probabilities of winning the different prizes prior to shuffling our derby threshold rewards. Since the functionality already exists elsewhere in the game, hopefully it would not be too much work to add it to the derby. I’m sure players would like to know the probability of getting a permit or other premium rewards on reshuffle. It will also create transparency so the player can also see what derby decos are still available to be won in the derby prize pool (some past decos were limited, and I’m assuming the 7 newest derby decos released in the October 2019 update were also removed). Another player was wanting to know if they could still get a colored derby column (purple banner), and I’d like to know if I still have a shot at getting an agility tire, horseshoe game, and a few others. Thanks! And I apologize if this has already been suggested.
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